Other Folk


  The Folk Faith is just that–a folk religion. It is a religion rooted in the ancestral past of the European people. All Europeans, even those who do not speak an Indo-European language, are of the same gene pool, rooted in the same history, culture, and share the same spiritual and religious ethos. The Folk Faith is a spiritual doctrine that speaks to the collective soul of the European Folk, who are united in a genetic union, whose existence has been confirmed by recent research in the human geno. Genetic research has shown that humanity is divided along racial lines, even though every research project has to engage in a hypocritical mantra claiming that there are no differences, only to publish a thousand-page report proving the exact opposite, to appease the Inquisitors of political correctness.

   The Gods of the Folk Faith are described in the Norse tradition, relying on the Norse myths and names, but in reality, they are the same Gods of all Indo-European religions. In fact, all Indo-European pagan religions are descended from the same, original religion that was worshiped by the ancient Aryans, who lived along the now submerged shores of the Black Sea, some eight thousand years ago. After their civilization, which is the foundation for the Atlantis legend, was destroyed, those who survived were scattered across Eurasia. As these tribes scattered, they lost contact with each other and slowly, their language evolved into the different Indo-European languages. The same happened to their religion. As they settled in different lands, with different climates, the tales of their Gods changed, reflecting the many various climates that they settled.

   These Indo-Europeans took with them, the secret doctrine of their civilization, which was the knowledge of how to use the power of the Vril to make themselves master of their environment. The foundation of the Indo-European religions is simple–that the Gods walked upon the earth and mixed their Life Force with those of the proto-humans that existed, causing mutations to result and thus speeding up the evolutionary process. Thus, in this way, the European, or Caucasian Race, was born. Not all Caucasians were part of the ancient Aryan civilization. This civilization was created by that group of Caucasians who had discovered the secret of the Vril, thus transforming themselves into God-men. After their civilization was destroyed, they settled among the different peoples that inhabited Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Many came in great numbers and merged with the people they found, while others settled in uninhabited regions, creating new civilizations, while others still, were a small minority and soon disappeared into the native population. Bot in all cases, the memory of their coming survived in myth and legend, and something of the Vril knowledge that they brought with them, was retained.

   Today, we of the Folk Faith seek to rediscover that lost knowledge–Vril Science. We hope to reforge the lost bonds with those Gods who gave birth to us. But many have asked–what about other Folks or races? Is the Vril Science restricted only to people of European descent? Are the other races and nations of humans inferior in some way to Europeans? Do we consider ourselves superior and everyone else inferior? It is important that we address these questions, especially in the politically correct-charged world that we live in today.

Our Folk Faith can be described as part of a greater pagan revival movement known as Odinism or Asatru. This movement has been splintered into several groups. One group occupies the political left and has a political agenda that includes most of the “isms” of the political left–feminism, the homosexualism, multiculturalism, etc . . . They consider themselves part of a universalist movement in which all Gods are just interpretations of a great Universal Spirit. This actually is the foundation of the ideology of the Free Masons, who recognize that the universe was created by the Great Architect. Another group within the Odinist movement can be described as Neo-Nazi. This groups also has a political agenda–which is basically National Socialism. They usually preach a message of “Nordic” and “Germanic” supremacy and consider all other nationalities and folks, including other Europeans belonging to the Romance, Slavic, Celtic and Hellenist families. But there is a middle ground that the Folk Faith occupies (not exclusively). We recognize that the old pagan religions were not some ancient universal religion, but that each pagan religion evolved with the evolution of a particular people or Folk. That each Folk or race has its own pagan tradition, and should seek the path that leads back to their old religion. We believe that just as the Gods of our ancestors walked upon the earth, and mixed with our ancestors, so too did the Gods of other Folks and races, mix with them and created them, imparting some of their Life Force into them.

   Modern science recognizes the scientific theory of evolution, that humans evolved from lesser species, and so does the Folk Faith. But modern science no longer agrees entirely with Charles Darwin’s theory that one species gradually evolved into another species. There is no proof for this theory in neither the fossil records, nor in the genetic records. We now know that new species were born, not through natural selection, but through sudden mutations and that differences within species also came about through the same process. These changes were the result of the environment (the Gods) that they lived in. Thus, changes in the genetic composition of different groups of humans came about through these sudden mutations, which we belief was the result of the intervention of the different Gods among different groups of people. Thus Europeans became Europeans because one group of Gods mixed their Life Force with a particular group of humans. This is also true of the Semitic people of the Middle East, and the Asians, and the Africans, and American Aborigines and the Australian Aborigines and all people.

   Though Vrilology is a religion for Europeans, and its spirituality is rooted in the Norse tradition, anyone belonging to any race can study Vrilology. It has the power to transform a person spirituality. If an individual is not of European ancestry, that person will still be transformed and most likely be lead to his or her own heritage. We consider this a wonderful accomplishment, and we are ready to help anyone seeking to make reconnection with his or her own spiritual pagan ancestry.

   As pagans, we respect all Gods and religious traditions worshiped by other people. We do not claim, as the monotheistic religions do, that our religion is the “one true religion.” But we do believe that each Folk must seek out the Gods of their ancestors, and work to reforge those bonds established long ago with their Gods. Many people have lost this spiritualism, and this includes most people who belong to the three monotheistic religions, but not all. The old Christian Churches were really paganized forms of Christianity, but have lost this pagan spirituality in the last one hundred years. Many Jewish people study a set of teachings that lie outside of their faith and have a tradition rooted in pre-Judaic spiritualism. I am referring to the Cabala. The teachings of the Cabala is basically the same as the Vril, but it is designed for those individuals who can trace their heritage to a Semitic origin. The same is true for the rich heritage of the American Aborigines. They still practice a folk religion, though in many ways they have lost some of their rich heritage due to the lost of their ancestral lands when North and South America were conquered and settled by Europeans and Africans. The Japanese still worship their ancestral religion in the religion of Shintoism. Even in Iran, there are many who still practice a mixed form of Zoroastrianism.

   The myths tell us how the Gods are able to shape-shift into animal form, or human form, they also have the power to shape-shift into other godly forms, taking on the identities of other pantheon of Gods so that they can speak to all races and folks throughout the great family of humanity, but through different traditions and spiritualities, celebrating the great diversity of humankind. We of the Folk Faith encourage all people to seek out the ancient pagan religious traditions of their ancestors and reforge those lost bonds with their Gods. They too can initiated a rebirth of their Gods through their traditional pagan roots.

   The Folk Faith is a folk religion, but not a hate religion. We have no political agenda and want nothing to do with politics–left or right! We are a religion of love and joy. We love our Folk and the Gods who made us, and find joy and happiness in the adventure of living. We have no time to hate anyone.