Vrilology is the practice of harnessing the Life Force that we share with the Gods, which we call, Vril, through the practice of Seither and Galdor sciences. Vrilology is the lost science that was given to our most ancient ancestors by the Gods, so that they could master the world they lived within, and transform themselves into a race of God-men, about 9,000 years ago. This civilization was located on the shores of the ancient Black Sea. It grew into the lost civilization of original Aryans, who were the ancestors of the Indo-Europeans. The Aryans misused this science and caused an ecological imbalance in the world climate. They lost most of the knowledge of Vrilology after their civilization was destroyed in a the great flood, resulting from the melting of the ice caps, and raising the water levels of the oceans. This caused the land bridge between Europe and Asia Minor, to collapse and in turn, caused the Black Sea to rise 300 feet and swept away that lost civilization, which is remembered in our myths as both the Great Biblical Floor and the lost civilization of Atlantis.

It means, “the science of the Vril.” It is a collection of knowledge on how to harness the power of the Vril and use it to transform ourselves, our lives and the world around us.

Vril is the life Force that fills the universe. Science has been aware for some time now that matter and energy make up only about 5 percent of the universe. The other 95 percentage of the universe is filled with some form of energy that science refers to my many different names, including Dark Matter or Dark Energy. This mysterious substance is an infinite power source that we call Vril. It is known by many other names including chi, eurlic energy, karma, fahot, feng shui, Rhea Kybele, ur, the Black Sun and many other names. The truth is that this force is a universal force that can be harnessed on a personal level through meditation, visualization and chanting, as well as harnessing it mechanically in what is known as free energy. It is this force that we share with the Gods, and the Gods use to hold the universe together in their struggle with the chaotic forces represented by the Giants.

Vril is what has been referred to as free energy. During the 20th century, many have tried to discover how to harness this power for the benefit of mankind. Victor Schauberger, the Austria engineer learned to harness Vril and create anti-gravity, free energy machines. Nicola Testla also worked on the means to harness Vril free energy. It is a source of power behind anti-gravity propulsion, and can be used to provide an endless source of free energy for all our needs.

The Church of Balder Rising is a non-political organization, divorced of all political aspirations or interests. The Church of Balder Rising does not advocate any political ideology. It does not consider itself to belong to any political movement. There are many individuals and groups declaring themselves Odinists, but are actually covers for political movements of both the right and the left. The Church of Balder Rising does not care what an individual’s political affiliations or beliefs are, just so long as they do not mix politics and religion. The Church of Balder Rising does not care if an individual belongs to the left or right, or in between. Any individual is welcomed to practice Vrilology, and are welcomed at our study groups, just so long as they check their politics at the door.

It is the object of Church of Balder Rising to completely disavow all political affiliations and believes that the present world order is doomed. It does not seek to acquire political power, nor does it challenge the present political establishment for political power. Vrilology hopes to empower as many people as possible within Western Civilization so that they can, not only survive the coming collapse, but thrive and prosper even during the worse of times. The Church of Balder Rising is interested in assisting individuals of European ancestry to discover their true spiritual roots, but is also willing to assist individuals of other traditions to learn about Vrilology if it will help them to connect with their own ancestral roots.

If the Church of Balder Rising has any political leanings, it is simply its support for the freedom for all individuals to worship as they wish, without interference by government powers, so long as the religion does not advocate harm or hatred toward others.

No! The Church of Balder Rising considers National Socialism to be a political movement that pitted half the European Folk against the other half of the European Folk, seeking to either enslave or exterminate them. Though one can make the argument that there was much good in the beginning of National Socialism, in so far as it provided social welfare for the German people, and restored economic vitality and social order, it was spiritually corrupted by Dark Forces and eventually sought to conquer and enslave the peoples of Eastern Europe. Vrilology seeks to enslave no one, either of the European Folk or members of other Folks, races, nationalities or religions. National Socialism was tainted by German nationalism, “Nordicism” and “Germanicism.” This led them to despise and look down on other Europeans, especially their Slavic, Latin and Greek brothers and sisters, as well as non-Europeans such as Jews, Gypsies, Africans and Asians.

National Socialism did incorporated some elements Germanic paganism into its ideology, and used Runes extensively in its symbolic displays. But National Socialism used the Armanen Runes, which was a 20the century construct by German occultists based on the 18 standards of the Havamal (The Sayings of Har). The Havamel, along with the rest of Norse Lore, was written down from the oral tradition, by Christian scholars centuries after Northern Europe had converted to Christianity, and thus, most of the Northern Lore has been lost. This is why there are only 18 Runic spells recited in the Havamal, instead of twenty-four of the Elder Futhark. In the twentieth century, German occultists attempt to create a modern-day Runic system based on these eighteen verses, and thus created a corrupt spiritual system, that eventually lead Nationalism Socialism down a dark path and contributed to its own destruction.

The Swastika is an ancient and holy runic symbol that has been used, not only by ancient Europeans, but just about every race from the American Indians to the Chinese and Japanese. The Swastika represents the Sun, Good Luck, and the Hammer of Thor with the Asatru movement. The Church of Balder Rising recognizes the significance of the magical power that the Swastika possesses and some members will use it within their rituals.

BUT! The Church of Balder Rising recognizes how the swastika has been misused by the National Socialists (Nazis) during the 20the century and the pain and suffering the Nazis inflicted on millions of people under their banner which utilized this sacred symbol. Because of the hurt and suffering that millions of people endured, and still suffer, resulting from the mass murder of some 12 million people, including six million Jews and six million Europeans, mostly Slavs (Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, Czechs, etc…), as well as the enslavement and brutalization of millions more, the Church of Vrilology refrains from using or displaying the Swastika out of respect for the suffering of so many.

Vrilology does not hate any one, nor does it consider any races, peoples, ethnic groups or religions inferior or any less human than people of European ancestry. Vrilology hopes to help all peoples discover their own unique and wonderful heritage and thus, refrains from using symbols that are tainted with such negativity as the Swastika. We hope that someday this ancient runic symbol might be rehabilitated, and restored to its rightful symbolism as one of good luck and fortune, and no longer one of hate, but this will not be the case for the foreseeable future.

Asatru is a modern created to refer to those who have sought to return to the old religion that was worshiped in Northern Europe before the arrival of Christianity. It means “those who worship the Aesir. In so far as this is the description of individuals who venerate the Norse Gods, then we would be classified as Asatru. But we don’t just venerate the Aesir, but the Vanir as well. Vrilology is also forward looking in that it seeks to create new Folk Communities of like-minded people practicing Vrilology as a way of life. We consider any individual or group that holds Odin as the All-Father and venerate the Norse Gods as Asatru. The Church of Balder Rising and Vrilology is best described as Odinist.

The Elder Futhark is the oldest, purest form of runic system passed down to us from our ancestors. It has its roots in the most ancient traditions that can be traced back through prehistory to the lost Aryan civilization that once existed on the shores of the Black Sea, which is the origin of the Atlantis legend. Other runic systems exist and we do research them, but they fall far short of the effectiveness of the Elder Futhark in harnessing Vril and using it to manifest changes in our lives and the world we live in.

The Anglo-Saxon Futhark actually includes the Elder Futhark, but additional Runes were added to accommodate phonetic changes that were taking place within the Anglo-Saxon language as it evolved into English. These additional Runes really have no Vrilic energies associated with them since they are artificial constructs.

The Young Futhark has only sixteen Runes. This Futhark was used centuries after Northern Europe converted to Christianity. Northern Lore was basically an oral tradition and never written down during pagan times. It was only later written down by Christian scholars in an attempt to preserve something of their native culture. But by then, much of the oral lore was lost. Even today, we recognize that what we work with is only a small portion of the myths and lore that was once studied by the pagan scholars of Northern Europe. Thus, people who still used Runes during Christian times, had forgotten the other eight, missing Runes, and thus the Younger Futhark was created.

The lost of ancient lore can be seen in the eighteen runic spells written down in the Havamal. Memory of the other six, missing Runes was lost and thus not included. This eventually gave rise to the eighteen Runes used by Die Armenenschaft der Ario-Germanen (The Armanism of the Aryo-Germanic People. These Runes are known today as the Armanen Futhark and it was created by the German mystic, Guido Karl Anton List, better known as Guido von List, in Vienna, in 1908. This Futhark is a modern, artificial construct, based on the eighteen runic verses and was latter used by the National Socialists in Germany. This corrupted spiritualism empowered the rise of the extreme racism within National Socialism known as “Nordicism” (the belief of a Nordic, blond race separate from and superior to the rest of the White race, as well as all mankind). This spiritualism eventually lead to National Socialist policies of mistreatment, enslavement and even extermination of many eastern European peoples. Combined with German nationalism of the times, it led to the belief that Slavs are an inferior race, and everyone who did not possess blond hair and blue eyes were racially corrupt or inferior.

The Church of Balder Rising studies and researches the various runic systems, but we prefer to restrict our teachings and practices to the Elder Futhark

The Aryans are the original people from whom all Indo-Europeans are descended. This civilization was located on the shores of the ancient Black Sea. It grew into an advance civilization by using the technology of Vril, given to them by the Gods. The Aryans misused this science and caused an ecological imbalance in the world climate. This caused the land bridge, which are the present-day straits between Europe and Asia Minor, to collapse, resulting in the Black Sea water levels to rise 300 feet and swept away that lost civilization. This lost civilization is remembered today in our myths as both the Great Biblical floor and the lost civilization of Atlantis. Those who survived became refugees, scattered across the Eur-Asian continent. These refugees lost most of their knowledge of Vrilology after their civilization was destroyed by this terrible flood.

After their civilization was destroyed, those who survived became refugees who migrated east, into China, southeast, into Iran, Central Asia and India, south, into the Middle East and even into Egypt, and west, into Europe and the Mediterranean. They brought with them bits and pieces of their near-forgotten technology. These refugees appeared as God-like to those they settled among. In many places they were worshiped and are remembered as Gods who descended to earth, giving them superior science and religion. This is true in the legends of the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Mayans, the ancient Hebrews, in India, China, and in many other lands.

Vrilology is used by the Church of Balder Rising to re-forge the lost links our ancestors once shared with the Gods who created them. Through vrilology, we are able to re-establish the bond between ourselves and the Gods. This process is done through the combined used of Galdor and Seither sciences. By properly applying the methodology of Vrilology, we are able to develop the powers of our minds and open what is known as the “Third Eye.” This gland is known in Vrilology as the Bifrost Gland. Once opened, it acts as a rainbow bridge between us (Midgard) and the Gods (Asgard). Once this condition has been established, we can properly align ourselves with the Gods and thus, draw on their powers to transform ourselves into Vril Being, and cause transformations in the world around us.

Once this state of being has been achieved, the Gods, who dwell within us, have been awakened. This allows us to align ourselves with them, drawing on their powers. This is what is meant by Balder Rising. It is the awakening of the Gods within us.

Odin provided for this possibility. He provided the means by which we can awaken the Gods within us. This was done by through the death of his most beloved son, Balder, who survived Ragnarok, by dwell in Hel. The practice of Vrilology is in effect, calling Balder back from the Netherworld. His resurrection within us, manifests itself in the creation of a state of being known as the Golden Age of Gimli. Thus, Gimli is a state of being, and not some prediction of a new Golden Age on Earth at “the end of times.”

No! Jesus Christ in Christian theology is a messiah who will return to judge mankind and either reward or punish everyone according to Christian interpretation of “God’s law.” His appearance will be a material manifestation in which he will set himself up as King and Judge, and thus herald in “God’s Kingdom on Earth.” This will result in the resurrection of the dead, rejoining of all souls with their fallen bodies. They will either be condemned to eternal damnation in Hell, or eternal bliss, dwelling in the presence of God. This has absolutely nothing to do with Vrilology or Balder.

When refer to the term, “Balder Rising,” we are talking about the practice of Vrilology, in which the practitioner has achieved a state in which he or she has re-establish their Bifrost Gland (Third Eye), bridging the gulf between Midgard (themselves) and Asgard (the Gods). This achievement permits them to align themselves with the Gods, in their quest to turn chaos into order throughout the universe. This achievement is what we mean by awakening the Gods, who dwell within us. Balder is the personification of this process. It is the act of calling him back from the static or inertia state of being that we all inhabit. This state is the state of Hel, in which we are only existing, and not truly “living.” Like existence in Hel, we are automatons, existing in a state of blind ignorance, unaware of our true potential as the Children of the Gods. Only with the rise of Balder from the Netherworld, will those who call on him (the inhabitants of Odainsaker) will be reborn. This rebirth is the result of the Gods awakening within you, filling you with their Life Force (Vril), and providing you with the means (Vrilology) to transform yourself through spiritual evolution, and the world around you. Once you have achieved this state of being, you have manifested the Golden Age of Gimli within you!

Thus, Balder is not a messiah who will manifest himself in human form and walk among you, providing you with salvation. He is the means by which Odin provided for us to awaken the Gods with us, and manifest the Golden Age of Gimli with us.

NO! Balder Rising is a state of being we can achieve through the practice of Vrilology. It is a state of being that is the personification of the Golden Age Gimli. This golden age is not manifested on earth, but within us. Thus Balder, will rise within us. It is the act of evolving into a Vril Being.

A Vril Being is a state of existence that is achieved once an individual has reached a certain level of mastery of Vrilology. It can be summed up by stating simply, that the individual has become proficient in the science of harnessing Vril and using it to transform himself (or herself) and his or her environment, as well as using it to control his or her destiny.

Vrilology is basically a European Folk religion. It is rooted primarily in the Northern Tradition of the Norse Gods and Norse cosmology. But we recognize that the Norse religion of old has its roots in the original Aryan religion practiced by the Aryans who built their advance civilization on the shores of the ancient Black Sea. All Indo-Europeans are descended from them, after their civilization was destroyed and those who survived became refugees. These refugees dispersed throughout Eur-Asia, and even to a lesser degree, into the Middle East and North Africa. As they moved farther away from each other, their memory of their original religious beliefs lessened and soon was transformed by the new environments they came to settle in. Something of the original Aryan religion survived in every variation of Indo-European religion (Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, Iranian, Roman, Greek, Hittite, Vedic, etc…), but the Norse or Scandinavian variation preserved elements of the original system, with its science of Vril technology and cosmology, in its purest form. It is through the study and practice of this lore, passed down to use by way of the Norse, that we seek to resurrect the Vrilology practiced by our lost ancestors. But we also recognize that we can better understand this lore by comparing what we have received from the Norse through comparative analysis with other variations of Indo-European lore.

To an even lessor degree, some of the original science of vril has been passed on, and incorporated into non-Indo-European lore. Small groups of refugees from the lost civilization of the Black Sea Aryan Atlantis dispersed and settled in the Middle East and even in Egypt. They were received as Gods, and they taught something of their knowledge of vrilology to the people they settled among. Even some Vril science was left over in such diverse civilizations throughout the world, in the Americas, for instance, from the time before the great flooding of the Black Sea, when the ancient Aryans travel across the world and brought their science to the indigenous primitive people on all continents. Memories of their visitations are found in the stone carvings in Africa, Australia and North and South America.

We have descriptions in the Old Testament for instance, about Joshua and a companion entered the valley of Eschol (the valley of grape clusters). In the valley they discover a race of God-men—giants who were descendants of the Gods. They were known as the Anak or A-nun (the fish/serpent). The Sumerians referred to the race of giants as the A-nun-naki. Joshua steals into the valley and leaves the vineyard of the giants with a stolen branch, heavy with giant grapes. The grapes were so large, the story tells us, it took two men to carry each one. These are memories of the arrival of the refugees from the lost civilization of the Aryans on the Black Sea.

Europeans are persons descended from Europe. They are genetically related. They can be described as Caucasian, descended from Europe, and belonging to Western Culture, and thus, possessing a collective Western Soul. This description is appropriate and can be referred as the White Race. People who are from the Middle east and India might be Caucasian, but not genetically descended from Europe and belonging to Western Culture and belonging to the collective Western Soul.


The Indo-Europeans were originally the refugees from the destroyed Aryan civilization that was located on the shores of the Black Sea. They began to spread out from their destroyed homeland after 5600 B.C. or B.C.E., and migrated across the Eur-Asian continent. They carried within their DNA, the genetic mutations that had transformed them into a race of God-men. The largest numbers of Indo-Europeans invaded Europe and either conquered or settled among racially similar people. In most cases they were a minority, though their language and culture were adopted by those they conquered or settled among. Other Indo-Europeans settled in Northwestern China, India, Iran in large numbers. In these regions, their language and culture was adopted by those they came into contact with. Much smaller groups settled in the Middle East and North Africa. There, they assimilated and adopted the languages and cultures of the people, they came into contact. Today, there is a wide range of nations who speak Indo-European languages throughout the world, though most of those people who speak Indo-European languages are not genetically related to the original Indo-European refugees.

Around 10,000 B.C or B.C.E, the Gods descended to Midgard (Earth) and walked and lived among a group of Caucasian people living on the shores of the ancient Black Sea. They taught them the secrets of Vrilology. These people were genetically identical to other Caucasians living from as far west as the Atlantic coast of Europe to Central Asia. But in time, with the knowledge of Vrilology, they were able to use Vril energy to transform themselves into a race of supermen. They eventually possessed superior intelligence, superior physical powers and superior psychic abilities. The civilization they created for themselves using Vril energy was not only superior to anything that existed at the time, but was superior to anything that exists today. It is the basis for the many legends of a lost golden age that is still part of mythologies throughout the known world, and is especially the source of the tale of the lost civilization of Atlantis.

We use the term Aryan, to describe this ancient Caucasian nation, because it is a term that has been used for over two hundred years by European occult and mystical schools. The term was missed used by the National Socialists in the middle of the twentieth century, and has become politically incorrect, but we never said that Vrilology is politically correct. Thus, Vrilology uses the term to describe a lost nation of Caucasians who had first mastered the power of Vril and used it to transform themselves and the world around them.


Vrilology is a form of paganism, which means it is pantheistic. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are monotheistic. They hold that there is one all-powerful deity who created everything and has given us His Law, which we must follow to the letter, or be condemned for all eternity. All three of these religions are based on faith. Vrilology is based on knowledge. It encourages one to seek truth. Life is a never-ending quest to learn and discover, while the three monotheistic religions are centered around a tyrannical God, who forbids one from seeking knowledge. Remember the Biblical story of Adam and Eve? God warns them not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. According to the three monotheistic religions, knowledge—bad. According to Vrilology, knowledge—good.

No. Vrilology considers the truth to be like a puzzle with an infinite number of peoples. No one individual will ever be able to discover the entire truth. Each of us has the potential to discover some or part of the truth. Some individuals might be able to put into place only one piece of the puzzle, while another might be able to put into place a million pieces. But the puzzle will never be completed, because there is always more to discover.

Presently, Blumetti has written several books for the Church of Balder Rising including, The Book of Balder Rising, Vrilology: The Secret Science of the Ancient Aryans, and Vril: The Secret to a Happy and Successful Life. But these are not sacred books or the “revealed word.” They are just of a few books, that we hope will be the foundation of a growing Vrilology Library that future writers and scholars will contribute to. We are also including a bibliography of recommended reading for students who wish to do further research into Vrilology.

The Church of Balder Rising believes that we are living within the Age of Ragnarok. Ragnarok began in the beginning of the twentieth century and will continue for most of the twenty-first century. As a result, we see the decay and death of Western Civilization as part of Ragnarok.

The twenty-first century is a time of clash of civilization. This clash will result not only in the destruction of Western civilization, but also the other civilization. Islam will threaten the world with a fanatic Jihad bent on world conquest. China is also seeking to extend its power across the global. Europe and North America, the two pillars of Western civilization are being undermined from within. The ruling elite of the West is totally corrupt with the spirit of Loki. The United States will disintegrate and eventually break up somewhere between 2030 and 2060. Europe could be overwhelmed by Islam, but Islam will eventually wain and decline after the “Age of Oil” comes to an end. This will result in the financial collapse of Islam and the material collapse of Islamic civilization, as it returns to the desert. China will undergo a spiritual upheaval. The seeds of this upheaval are seen in the Feng Gong movement.

Regions of the world will collapse due to the increasing population explosion. We already see the material disintegration of Africa on a grand scale. This disintegration will eventually spread to other parts of the Third World. Disease and disorder will spread. As civilization and ordered society disappear into the vortex of chaos, the population of the world will plunge overnight. In the United States, the population will swell to over 600 million by 2050 do to unrestricted immigration, and then, after the infrastructure collapses under the weight of such huge population numbers, the population will rapidly decline to less than just over 100 million by the beginning of the 22nd century. This will also happen throughout the world.

Technology will continue to advance, but be restricted to small pockets of fortified reserves. Communication and transportation systems will disappear. Most of the world will retreat to a level of technology ranging somewhere between pre-nineteenth century, to the stone age, with small pockets of high technology in safe-guarded cities and reservations.

Though this a as bleak and gloomy a picture that can possible be imagined, the Church of Balder Rising believes that it will not only survive, but thrive in the coming collapse of civilization. Besides learning to master Vril through personal command of both Galdor and Seither sciences, the Church of Balder Rising hopes to set up the Kenaz Institute of Vril Technology. Its purpose will be to discover how to harness vril energy through mechanical means, thus providing free-energy for its members and Folk communities. Armed with both a personal and mechanical mastery of Vril, the Church of Balder Rising will not only survive, but thrive in the coming collapse of civilization. Its Folk communities will be the foundation for a new and enlightened civilization for the future.

The Church of Balder Rising studies all versions of runic writings, systems and futharks, but we prefer to restrict our teachings and practices to the Elder Futhark

This might not be politically correct, but the truth is that we are more like our ancestors than we are like anyone else. We are genetically connected to our ancestors and inherit not only physical characteristics, but also our mental, emotional, and spiritual traits. The fact that the Gods dwell within us, within our atoms and within our DNA, make religion a genetic factor. When Christianity was imported from the Middle East, it was transformed by the European people to meet their genetic needs, transforming it from a Semitic religion into a European religion, possessing a European “spirit.” The fact is, the spiritual essence of Judaism, Christianity and Islam do not speak to our souls.


Vrilology is a religion rooted in our genetic makeup. It is the resurrection of our inherited and innate genetic and spiritual essence. It originally grew or evolved with the growth and evolution of our ancestors. The Gods of Vrilology descended to Earth and mixed their Life Force with humanity, creating the genetic differences, and especially our Folk. It is a spiritually that is “organic” to our people, and not the creation of one individual or prophet.

All life is cyclical. It must be born, age and eventually die, so that it can be “reborn” in a new and better form. This is evolution. In ancient times, our pagan ancestors lost contact with the natural environment. They became lost souls in the urbanized “civilization.” This caused their spiritual bonds with the Gods that created them to weaken. In this urbanized environment, alien spiritualities mixed and cross-pollinated each other, undermining and weakening their spiritualities, causing people to abandon them, thus creating a spiritual void. It is within this environment of “multiculturalism” that our old spiritualism died. We can sum this up by saying that the spirit of Balder died within them. They fell into a state of Hoder—blind ignorance. In such a state, they were easily tricked by Loki into following an alien creed. The result was the creation of a monolithic, tyrannical, religious establishment that murdered, bribed, tortured and terrorized our ancestors into accepting an alien creed. All sorts of economic, political, terrorist threats were used to pressure the people into converting to the new, universalist doctrine of Christianity.

But, despite all the efforts to force used, the soul of a Folk cannot be destroyed unless the people themselves are physically destroyed. The Gods of our Folk were not driven out or destroyed. They simply went to sleep. They slumbered away deep within our DNA. But their spirituality still resonated, affecting the way our people felt, thought and acted. The alien creed from the Middle East was transformed by the pagan ideals, traditions and spirituality to such a degree, that it never really died. And now, in this age of decline and decay, Christianity is disintegrating, and the Gods are awakening once more. Once again our people the thundering gallop of the hooves of Odin’s horse thundering across the world, as Heimdall blows his horn and awakens our people from the half-sleeping state of consciousness that is Hel.

Not really. It is a pan-European Folk religion. People of non-European ancestry will never truly feel the connection that someone of European ancestry will. We are connected to the Gods genetically, and so the link is biological. It is the call of the blood. Just as an individual of European heritage will never truly feel the same spiritual rebirth studying Tai Chi that someone of Asian ancestry will, or a Jewish person will feel studying the Kabbalah, so to, individuals of non-European heritage will never moved as much by Vrilology, as someone of European ancestry will. But individuals of other races and heritages can study Vrilology and we encourage them to do so. We believe that by studying Vrilology, it will reawaken within them, a link to their own pagan heritage. It will help them to open their Third Eye and forge their own bridge to their ancestral pantheon of Gods who gave them form and spiritual substance. Though the Church of Balder Rising is essentially for people of European ancestry, we hope it will help everyone to reestablish links to their own pagan heritage, and lead them to their own road to spiritual evolution.

No. Vrilology is rooted in the heritage of the old Norse religion. This pagan spirituality is essentially linked to all Indo-European pagan religions, and shares a common origin. But we practice the Norse or Northern Tradition, because we believe it has been passed down to us moderns in the least diluted or purest form. Other Indo-European pagan traditions have been changed, diluted, or “polluted” by non-European traditions and spiritualities. There has been a revival or renaissance of paganism, including Celtic, Roman and Hellenistic, but there seems to be something special about the revival of the Northern Tradition that Vrilology is a part of. Vrilology (Asatru/Odinism), is for all European peoples, whether or not their heritage is specifically Scandinavian.

First, we believe that there is an underlying, all-pervading, universe and divine energy that we call Vril. Vril is the Life Force that the Gods use to give order to the universe. It is essentially hidden from us, and beyond the understanding of science, though quantum physics is beginning to shine light on its mysteries. We further believe that Vril is interdependent with us and the Gods. It is the link that unites us with the divine.

We also believe that we can, through the study and practice of both Galdor and Seither, discover how to master, harness and use Vril to transform ourselves, our physical environment and align ourselves with the ordering mission of the Gods.

We believe that we are the children of a certain pantheon of Gods, who taught our ancestors how to use Vril to transform themselves and their environment, and that the myths are coded lessons filled with infinite knowledge that will help us to discover the means by which to harness Vril and align ourselves with the Gods.

We believe that Odin provided us with the means to discover these secrets, to awaken the Gods that dwell within us, within our DNA and within each atom within us, and that this means is what we refer to as Balder Rising!

We believe that once we have achieved Balder resurrection within us, we can manifest the spiritual state of the Golden Age of Gimli within, and that this means we will begin the process of evolving into a higher form of being, a God-man or God-woman or Vril Being.

First of all, Vrilology is a pagan, polytheistic religion, rooted in pan-European spirituality, centered on Norse cosmology or the Northern Tradition. We have a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. We do not believe in “original sin,” or “sin” in any way. We do not believe in pre-destination, and believe that we are the masters of our own destiny. Because we are a pagan religion, we do not hate other religions or traditions, nor do we consider ourselves in competition with them. Vrilology also does not seek to force conversion, nor does Vrilology seek to convert everyone. We believe that the Gods will choose whom they wish to be part of the religion. Thus, we are not a “universal” religion for all mankind. Vrilology respects other traditions and religions, and believes that humanity, which is divided into different bio-genetic groups known commonly as races, have different paths to higher spiritual evolution, and they are all valid and deserve respect.

No. Myths are stories that we passed down through the ages by our people. They are the collective memories of lost knowledge and science, inspired by the Gods. Each myth is a tale with deep, hidden meaning. We look at myths not as two dimensional (ink printed on paper) but as three dimensional, with infinite layers of knowledge behind each myth that needs to be discovered. We do not consider them as history or the divine word of some tyrannical God. Vrilology, like all pagan traditions, is a religion based on the quest of knowledge, not blind faith.

Yes! They are very real, intelligent spiritual beings with a consciousness and individual personalities. We do believe that there is a universal Life Force, which we call Vril, and that all Gods and Goddesses are united by this universal force. The imagery of the Gods and Goddesses, as depicted in the myths, are archetypes manifested by the human mind, which has incorporated the individual attributes of the deities into forms for us to conceptualize. For instance, we do not necessarily believe there is a huge, red-haired man carrying a large hammer named Thor sitting somewhere in heaven. But we understand that Thor is a powerful, masculine force, that is filled with a fierce power and has the ability to project this power to tame the forces of chaos.

Yes, we do pray to our Gods and Goddesses, but not in the way Jews, Christians and Muslims pray to their God. We do not surrender our will to their authority, nor do we humble ourselves or humiliate ourselves on bent knees or prostrate ourselves before our Gods. We see our Gods as our kin, not as our lords and masters. We never beg or plead with them. Instead, we enter into communion with them, in partnership with responsibilities and obligation that are the foundation of a mutual relationship. It is more properly said that we celebrate our Gods, and seek to align ourselves with their work to establish and maintain order in the universe. To be successful in accomplishing this, we try to live right-ordered lives, while seeking their blessing through formal rites, ceremonies and rituals and seek to draw on their power in return, through meditation.

We do not see good and evil as constants. Nothing is intrinsically good and evil, including love and hate. Love can be a wonderful thing, but also a terrible thing if you are blinded love for someone who might be abusive and hurtful. Hatred can be terrible if it consumes you, but it is necessary, if you are to maintain a defensive attitude toward those who wish to cause you harm. We see the universe divided not between good and evil, but between order and chaos. Thus, you have the choice of choosing a life or the right and wrong action. The former will lead you down a path of an ordered and successful life, and the latter will bring chaos and self-destruction into your life.

Vrilology does not believe in “original sin,” or “sin” in any way. No tyrannical God has to lay the law down for you to instruct you on what is right and wrong. There is no action that is right and wrong, but every action can be either depending on the reason you do it. A simple example is lying. If you lie with the intension to hurting someone, then you know deep down that it is wrong. But if you lie to keep from hurting someone, then there is nothing wrong with this. The same is true for some thing like the act of killing. If you kill someone because you hate them, or you want to take what belongs to them, in another word, without justification, it is wrong. But if you kill someone who is trying to harm you, or someone you love, then you only defending you and your loved one, then you are justified and there is nothing morally wrong with this.

We believe that there is an afterlife, and that those who have lived virtuous lives will go on to join Balder and Nanna in Odainsaker in the Netherworld. Those who led lives characterized by corruption and vice will be separated from their kin and doomed to an existence of dullness and gloom at the least. We believe that the life you lead here in Midgard, will echo in eternity. Every act, thought and feeling you do, think and feel, with be magnified many times over in your afterlife for you to experience. This afterlife is explained in the metaphoric tale of the dragon, Niddhogg, devouring you in Hel. But for a few individuals who have lived exceptional lives, they will be chosen by the Gods to live in Asgard.

The Norse tales tell of the Valkyries, led by Freyja, plucking up the souls of fallen heroes and brought back to Asgard, where they are destined to live with Odin in Valhalla. Actually, this is also a metaphor for individuals leading a life dedicated to a higher spirituality. The Norse saw death in battle as a metaphor for one giving up their mundane lives and dedicating themselves to a higher cause then their own selfish needs. Such individuals were chosen by the Gods in the afterlife. They fell into two categories. Those who worked for a higher cause where chosen by Odin to live with him in Valhalla, and work with him in his quest to struggle against the gigantic forces of Chaos. But it is Freyja who has first choice. She takes half of such individuals, those who can possess a higher spiritual life force and take them to live with her in her hall, Sessrumnir, so that they can join her in her task to ensure the continuation and rebirth of the Folk in the New Age of Gimli.