The Nine Realms

      Vrilology is a form of Asatru, rooted in the Indo-European traditions of Europe, and can best referred to as a modern-day European Folk Religion.   Vrilology looks to the Norse Gods, but recognize that they are the same Gods that all our Indo-Europeans ancestors worshiped under different names and various traditions based on the different environments of the realms they settled within. Vrilology is also and foremost a paganism for the future, as Alain de Benoist wrote in his book, On Being Pagan, “The paganism of the future will be a Faustian paganism.”  Vrilology is Faustian in that it it is not a recreationist ethnic movement seeking to resurrect a dead religion. 

  The Church of Vrilology does not seek to recreate the world of 1,000 years ago.  The Vikings of 1,000 years ago do not exist and we do not know too many people who would dare “go viking” today.  There are many in the Asatru/pagan movement that seem to fall within two poles of expression.  One great are the universalists, who have assimilated many different esoteric traditions, including non-European with those of Europe, into a mulligan’s stew.  Many of those involved in this esoteric movement have a political agenda, usually of the left, that involves “alternative lifestyles,” such as feminism, anti-socialism, homosexuality, globaism, and so forth.  At the other end of the spectrum are the chauvinists.  This group is very also very eclectic comprising groups with a agenda of the political right, nationalistic, racialist and many group are mere facades for esoteric National Socialism.  Vrilology falls in between these two poles. 

  Vrilology is like a tree, with its roots firmly planted in the past, but its branches are growing upward into the future.  We in the Church of Vrilology recognize that it is impossible to go back!  Therefore, we are intend on marching forward into the future!  The future is froth with grave circumstances that are unfolding on the stage of history.  The world is facing a grave crisis and we do not desire to be lost within the amalgamation that is destroying Western Culture.

    We recognize that there is a Clash of Civilizations that will most probably result in the destruction of the modern, technological world that we live within in the 21st century. We cannot waste out time wishing for the brotherhood of humanity, nor can we waste our time “playing Viking.” People on the left spectrum seem to wander about in a dream state of bliss and blindness, thinking they can make the world better by joining hands with those who are driven by the Forces of Chaos and sing how they “would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.” Nor do we wish to withdraw into a fantasy world of historic reconstruction or ethnic nationalism that has resulted in so much bloodshed by our European brothers and sisters and the destruction of the European Motherland in the 20th century.

  We recognize that the European p  ughout the world are descended from the union of the Indo-European invaders and the indigenous Europeans who lived in Mother Europa before their arrival, and that this synthesis of spirit, blood and culture is expressed in the union of the two races of Gods within the Norse religion (the Aesir are the Sky Gods of War of the Indo-European invaders and the Vanir are the Earth Gods of Fertility of the indigenous pre-Indo-Europeans).

  We also recognize that people of European ancestry, both within Europe and within the extra-European colonies of the Europa Motherland throughout the world, have mixed to such a degree that to claim that the Norse Gods are to exclusive property of only individuals of Scandinavian scent, or of exclusively of Germanic descent is not only short sighted, but belongs to the Lokian trickery of divide and destroy that is so wonderfully expressed throughout the Norse myths.

Vrilology is dedicated to the creation of a new species of humanity, as the foundation of a new civilization, born of the Asmegir (those who have awaken the Gods within them), to dwell within the Odainsaker (the Asatru Folk Communities within our present modern world), so that we can survive the Ragnarok that is has been unfolding throughout the 20th century and will continue throughout the 21st century. Vrilology is a NEW FAUSTIAN FOLK RELIGION FOR EUROPEAN MAN AND WOMAN, though we welcome the interest of all people to explore Vrilology is their own quest to reconnect with the Gods of their own heritage and blood. And while the Church of Vrilology is for those individuals of European ancestry, we do not divide ourselves into cultural and ethnic constructs of the 19th century that has been the cause of so much misery, destruction and devastation of our kin and kind.


1) Vrilology is an European Folk religion, centered in the Norse tradition known as Odinism or Asatru. But it is not a recreationist movement that rejects the modern world and seeks to retreat within the dead past. While its spiritual roots are in the past, like the roots of a tree, its branches are growing upward toward the future. Vrilology considers all Europeans to be the children of the Indo-European Gods and Goddesses and that the Norse deities are just one cultural interpretation of these deities, but the Norse spirituality has been passed down to modern European in the least diluted form, though much of the Lore has been lost, and needs to be rediscovered.

2) Vrilology is a spiritual path for people of European ancestry to improve their lives and themselves through the combined disciplines of Galdor Science (Galdr Magick) and Seither Science (Seidr Magick), the gifts of Odin (the Aesir) and Freyja (the Vanir). Vrilology is this synthesis of these two sciences, designed to permit to discover how to harness the Life Force of the Gods, which is Vril. The purpose of learning to harness and use Vril is to transform ourselves by awakening the Gods, whom dwell within us, and are asleep, waiting for us to wake up and fill us with their divine natures.

3) Vrilology sees the Spiritual Cosmos structured in a polarity between the Force of Order and the Forces of Chaos. The latter is represented by the Giants. The form is represented by the Gods. The Gods went to war against Ymir, the Father of the Giants, and personified the Chaotic nature of the Spiritual Cosmos, killing him and using his part to refashion the Spiritual Cosmos, giving it order and thus, creating the Physical Universe we live within.

4) The Gods are constantly working to keep the Forces of Chaos, the Giants, at bay. They work and fight to maintain the Ordered Physical Universe by harnessing the Life Force, Vril. Vril is everywhere in the universe. Every atom in the universe is 99% Vril, the other 1% is made up of proton, neutrons and electrons. Since everything in the universe, including humans, is made up of atoms, everything, including humans, is 99% Vril energy. Through Vrilology, we can learn to harness and shape Vril, just as the Gods do, and thus through this knowledge in the use of shaping Vril, we can not only shape the world around according to our wills, but we can transform ourselves into Vril Beings.

5) Vrilology does not recognize the concepts of Good and Evil, only Order (the Gods) and Chaos (the Giants). We recognize that but are necessary for the evolution of the universe. Order and Chaos exist everywhere, in opposition to each other. it is this polarity that cause birth, death and rebirth, which is the evolutionary progression from lower forms of life to higher forms of life. This progressive, upward evolution of life exist on both the physical level of existence and the spiritual level of existence. through Vrilology, we seek to align ourselves with the Gods, in their work to create Order out Chaos, and through this alignment, increase our level of consciousness to a higher level of consciousness.

6) Vrilology explains how Odin, knowing that all existence is locked into this process of birth, death, rebirth, understands that the Gods themselves must die, only to be reborn. His agent for the survival of Himself and the Gods and Goddesses is his son, Balder. Balder, who represents a higher level of consciousness, must at times die so that it can be reborn into a higher level of consciousness. It is His death at the hands of blind ignorance, represented by his blind, twin brother, Hoder, who is corrupted by Loki, that will ensure that Balder will survive Ragnarok, and thus lives on in a half-trance state of existence in Hel. But through Balder, we can awaken the Gods, who have fallen into a state of inertia (the result of their death during Ragnarok) can be awakened. Thus, through Vrilology, we can waken the Gods that Dwell within us. This is what is meant by Balder Rising!

7) Vrilology teaches that over 10,000 years again, the Gods descended to earth and walked among our ancestors living along the shores of what is now the Black Sea. They taught those humans living there the secrets of Vrilology. The humans became masters in the use of Vrilology and transformed themselves into a race of God-men. the also created an advance civilization using Vril energy. The memory of this civilization has been passed down to us in legends of lost Golden Ages, the legend of Atlantis and great catastrophes. These Atlanteans have been known as the original Aryans in many esoteric traditions. They tried to teach Vrilology to other peoples and races throughout the world, and upset the ecological balance, resulting in the too rapid melting of the ice caps, causing the flooding of the Black Se around 5600 C.E. (B.C.) and destroying their civilization. The refugees of this ancient civilization is known in history as the Indo-Europeans. The Indo-Europeans spread through Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Where ever they settled, they were always a minority. Some settled among other Europeans in Europe, mixing with them. Here the Europeans mostly adopted their language, culture, Gods and religion. Others settled among non-Europeans, in the Middle East and Asia. Some of these nations adopted their ways, while others only accepted some of their knowledge Vrilology and adapted the science to their own cultural uniqueness. It is from the union of these Indo-Europeans, who were consider God-men, because of their superior mental, psychic and physical powers, that the ancient civilization were born.

8) Vrilology believes that the world is presently within another Ragnarok. the 20th century was one of self-destruction caused by the corrupting influence of Lokian forces. Loki is a corrupting force that invades the body and undermines it from within, just as old age causes the human body to wear out through unhealthy practices and habit, resulting in the decrease in the flow of Vril into the body, thus causing illness and aging. Loki is responsible for the corrupting forces within Asgard, that cause the Gods to decline and his trickery and malice has been at work within the Children of the Gds, Western Man. As we move into the 21st century, the Gods are awakening within us once more. They call to their children to once again learn the Science of Vril, and how to use it to transform themselves and the world around them. In this way, we can survive the present age of Ragnarok and create a new Golden Age, a New Age of Gimli. A new age of paganism is sprouting up within the rotting corpse of Western Civilization. Some of our people are misdirected into a universalist paganism which will result in their destruction because of the Chaotic nature of mixing the various alien traditions. Others hear the call of the Gods calling to us from within us, but the cannot understand their words. They believe they must reconstruct the world of 1,000 years ago. That they must become "Vikings" once more. They look to the past and seek to reconstruct the past in the present. They cannot see into the future. They hear the words of Urd, and wish to dwell suckle on the Bosom of Verdandi. They are deaf to the wisdom of Skuld, and cannot see the approaching winds and frost of Fimbul-Winter.

9) The essence of Vriology lies within its Yggdrasill Training Program, designed to cause the individual to evolve into a higher state of consciousness and being---INTO A VRIL BEING. We exist within the first level of the Yggdrasill, that of Hel, which is the State of Living Sleep. Before we can begin the evolutionary process into a higher state of existence, the old, sleeping Self must die. It is this death of the old Self that awakens the Gods within us and the individual to his and her true heritage. Those who never awaken to the reality of their true heritage are destined to one or two fates. Thos who remain within the sleeping state of existence are destined to be swept away by the raging winds of Fumbul-Winter. The others, those who realize that they are the Children of the Gods, but never pass beyond the state of Hel, have joined the Asatru movement, but fail to rise beyond this state. they are destined to join the ranks of the Einherjar, and ride out with Odin to face the Loki-led forces of destruction. too many of our people wish to belong to the ranks of the Einherjar. They would rather dwell in Valhalla, because it is much more romantic to live the life of a pure warrior. They will work to resurrect the old ways, the old beliefs and help to spread the word of the Odin, but they too are destined to pass away as the Einherjar are destined. But remember that half of those chosen by the Valykries, the agents of Odin who seek out those whom Odin have chosen, will join him in Valhalla. The other half will join Freyja in Sessrumnir. In the story of Ragnarok, there is not telling of the destruction of Freyja. She is the agent of Balder's survival. It is the work of those who go to reside with her in Sessrumnir, the Warrior-Gothi, who will survive Raganrok, and teach others how to join the ranks of those whom are destined to survive Ragnarok with Balder. the Warrior-Gothi are referred to as Vril Lord (Vril Freys) and Vril Ladys (Vril Freyjas) in the Church of Vrilology. Those who join the Church and practice Vrilology will be among the ranks of the ASMEGIR. Through their know of Vrilology, taught to them in the Yggdrasill Training Program, they will learn to awaken the Gods within them, and thus, create the Godlen Age of Gimli within themselves. They will go on to create the new Folk Communities of the Odainsaker. This is what is meant by Balder Rising.

The Church of Vrilology is NOT FOR EVERYONE.  For those who are not of European ancestry, they are welcomed to study Vrilology in the hope that it will spark something within their souls and lead them on a path to their Gods of their own unique heritage.  To those who are of European ancestry, who cannot hear the singular voice of the Gods, as well as those have heard the Song of the Elder Gods, calling to them from the past, and wish to resurrect their ways in the present, but fail to hear the call of the future, they will not understand the essence of Vrilology. They will not understand that Vrilology is the secret science of the Gods to transform their children into a Vril Aristocracy, working to weave the Web of Wyrd of their own design.   



If you can understand this nine fundamental principles, you will be among the few whom the Gods have called forth to discover for yourselves how you can align yourselves with them, in their work to maintain order throughout the universe by harnessing the Life Force, Vril, and begin the quest to discover how you can transform your life and yourself.