Faring Forth


“Odin could transform his shape: his body would lie as if dead, or asleep; but then he would be in shape of a fish, or worm, or bird, or beast, and be off in a twinkling to distant lands upon his own or other people’s business:”
(Ynglinga Saga: Chapter 7)

  When I first got involved in the study and practice of Germanic Magic it was in 1984. Bob Zoller called together friends and began a Norse study group. We met every other Friday night in Manhattan, New York and dedicated our sessions to Freyja. Bob would open each session by leading the group in chanting the Elder Futhark. We would then chant “Hail Freyja, Seidhrkona! Hail Freyja! Hail! Hail!” for about 15 minutes. Then he would teach us about the Runes from Edred Thorsson’s book, Futhark. We would also read from Snorri’s Prose Edda. Then we would perform rune chanting and enter a trance. The session would end by everyone talking about what they experienced.
  Zoller’s study group last three years and everyone came away from the classes not unchanged. I won’t go into all the experiences I had, but to say these classes long ago was an epiphany for me. It changed my life.
I will talk about one experience that is germane to this essay. One night while in a trance I experienced my first out-of-body experience or “faring forth.” We were conducting the class at one of the members’ apartment, on the 17th flood, on the east side of mid-town Manhattan. I remember flying out of my body and out the window. I was flying around Manhattan on that Friday night and could see all the lights and hear all the usual noises. It was awesome. Then I heard my name being called and suddenly I was back in my body in that apartment on the 17th flood.

  When I opened my eyes, everyone was standing around me, and staring at me. They told me I did not wake up from my trance and they had to call me over and over until I finally woke up. I then told them what happened and how wonderful an experience it was. That was 37 years ago. Since then I experience out-of-body experiences several times, but never could consciously make it happen, until recently. I discovered by adding isotonic music to help the mine enter first the alpha state and then enter theta, I could conscious cause a faring forth episode.

It was several years ago in 2017 while listening to a cd I burned with instructions to enter an alpha trance that I refer to as the Asgard State of Conscious (ASC). After preforming breathing exercises and then relaxation, I began to use runes to help the mind enter a trance. Then the music began and after what must have been several minutes, it happened. I was lying down on the couch when my astral form (which I believe is the union of the Hyde/Hamr/Shape, and the Wode) simply popped up and out of my physical form, the Lyke. The Hamr is also known as Hyde, and it appears as a sort of mysterious, plasmic quasi-material usually having the rough shape of the body.

It is sometimes referred to as a Ghost that remains after a person dies and is often referred to as the Shade/Sal.

  It can be thought of as a form of soul-skin, which contains the various parts of the soul matrix that gives shape and direction to our will. When the power of your Wode is increased creating a synchronicity between the Hugh (left brain consciousness) and the Myne (right brain subconsciousness) the higher inspirational power of the Wode increases and empowers the Hamr so that it can leave the Lyke, the physical body, and travel in what we refer to as faring forth, and is more commonly known as astral travel. Thus the sorcerer sends forth his Hamr to work his will in astral form, to journey to other realms and in other states of being.
 I found myself simply floating around my living room and found that I could float to various part of the rom just by thinking of the location. It was then that I heard my phone ringing and when I tried to pick the phone up my hand went right through it. I simply told myself I needed to answer the phone and I instantly went back into my physical form.

  I continued to experiment with various forms of isotonic music and had various degrees of success. Sometimes I would simply pop out of my body and other times my astral form would sit up and then I found that by thinking of what I wanted to do my mind instant caused my Hyde to do it.
On time I was lying on my bed in the bedroom. It was in the afternoon, but it was semi-dark in my room. I sat up and I looked around the room. As I concentrated on the furniture I notice a thin luminous glow around everything. But when I focused my mind the glow disappeared.

  On another occasion I rose out of my physical form and stood up next to my beds. The bedroom was semi-dark and the door to the hall way was open. I then heard a voice that seemed to come from the living room at the far end of the hallway and it sounded like my mother, whohad passed away a year before. When I walked toward the door, there suddenly appeared a black cat sitting in the door way, blocking my path. I recognize the cat as being a former pet that died in 2007. It was my mother’s cat, Fanny. When she developed cancer, I had vet remove the cancer, but a year later it grew back. During the second operation, I was meditating on the cat to survive. I received a call from the vet and he told me Fanny was alive, but in a coma. Be said that she could not survive but for some reason she was still breathing. He told me he could try and revive Fanny and call me back. I continued to meditate on the Fanny, and 20 minutes later he called me once more and could not understand why the cat was still breathing. When he told me her brain was dead, I told him to call me back if there was any new developments. I stopped meditating and the phone rang. it was the Vet. He told me fanny peacefully died. During the year before the first operation and the second, Fanny attached herself to me. I had a three family house and my mother lived in the apartment below me. Fanny was very attached to my mother but during her last year, she more and more would come up to stay with me and began sleeping with me on my bed.

  When I saw Fanny sitting in the door way, I heard a voice that I knew was coming from the cat. She said, “Don’t go down there.” She was so adamant that I stepped back and when I did, I instantly returned to my body. Whatever was at the other end of the hallway, I knew Fanny had come to protect me from it, just as I tried to save her life.
Another time I left my physical form, my Lyke, for some reason I was in a room that was not my bed room. The room had yellow walls and the furniture was unfamiliar to me, but there was something that was familiar about the room. I floated about the room and it dawn on me that this was the bed room I grew up in as a child. Then I realized that it was my bedroom today, and someone else was living there. I wanted to leave and as soon as I thought about it, I began to move upward and through the ceiling. Suddenly everything went black and I realized that I was passing through the crawl space between the ceiling and the roof of the house so I pulled back into the room. I still wanted to leave so I went over to the window (actually I floated) and looked out. The window was closed so I passed through the glass, or half-way through. I could see the backyard and other houses behind our yard that I remember from my childhood. Then I looked down, forgetting I was two stories high. The height startled me and bang! I was back in my body once more.

  Eventually I went on a journey to the realm of the dead. It happened over many faring forth experiences and I won’t into it here, because I wrote about it in my essay on the Netherworld or the afterlife that is posted on this website, so I won’t go into it again here. There one experience about the dead that I want to talk about here. This happened right after my experience with the appearance of Fanny warning me from answering what I thought was my mother calling me.

 The next time I fared forth, I thought about my mother who I said had recently died. I found myself once again in the house I grew up in, but this time it was similar to what I remember. I walked into the dining room. On the table were all sorts of foods and realized they were my mother’s favorite dishes that she loved to cook for our family. Then I went into the next room and found my mother sitting on the couch watching television. She was not aware of my presence. I could see that she was happy. 

  Then I notice the cat Fanny lying on the back of the couch right behind my mother, where she used to stay whenever my mother was sitting on the couch. Fanny raised her head and looked at me. I smiled and Fanny went back to sleeping behind my mother. I have come to believe that pets that were close to you when they were alive become connect to you spiritually and wait to join with you in your afterlife. Then I notice that my father, who died forty years ago. He was sitting next to my mother. They were happy, and so was I.

  These are just a few of my experiences I’ve had when faring forth. I am now beginning to travel to the many worlds of the Yggdrasil. I hope to someday write a book on these experiences. Let me close by saying that we can fare forth outside our physical bodies. I know, because I have done it many times. I also know there is an afterlife, so I do not fear dying and live with an inner peace until the time when my Lyke wares out and I move on.