Erulian Council

The Vrilir

  Most Odinist/Asatru groups today begin organizing by someone who became familiar with Asatru by reading books on Asatru, the Lore and Myths or watching you-tube lectures on the Internet and decide he wants to form his own kindred. He will gather people around him and forms a kindred. The kindred then holds classes about Asatru and will hold blots, performs ceremonies such as Sumbal, and might even try and duplicate customs, dress codes, and study arts and crafts that duplicate the way people lived a thousand years ago. This will go on until the kindred begin making contact with other kindreds, elders or scholars of Asatru and then make adjustments in their activities. Most kindreds will admit that they know very little of Germanic magic. Many a kindred Gothi will even confess he or she knows next to nothing about the Runes or how to use them.

  They will try and duplicate blots and rituals they find in books about Asatru. Most of the members don’t really believe in the Gods, even though they go through the motions of calling on them. This type of pattern is motivated by people who are unhappy about the modern world and are looking for an escape. There is very little, if any spirituality in these kindreds, and as far as its members are concern, their kindred is little more than a “club” that they belong to and serves as a distraction from their daily lives. But there is no real commitment.

  The reason for this is simple—they have not made any real connection with the Gods. Such kindreds are like a car with no engine in it. It just sits there and goes nowhere. Eventually, its members grow tired of it, get bored with the demands the kindred makes on them and lose interest and simply look for something else to fill their time.

 Asatru is not a political or even a culture movement. It is not about dress-up or play acting. It is not about studying the way people lived in the past or reenacting or recreating the culture of some bygone era. Asatru is a religion and the knowledge that there are real, supernatural beings—Gods, who we can make contact with. And when we do, they will recognize our existence and make contact with us. Asatru is not about believing in the Gods, it is about knowing the Gods are real! But people cannot achieve that type of awareness by joining a “Dungeons and Dragons” heathen group that play-acts being Vikings. 

  They have to be proven that the Gods are real and if you forge a bond with them, it will change their lives. The only way this can happen is if the person who creates the kindred is well versed in the methodology of making contact with the Gods. Gothar must be masters of Germanic magic, which includes Rune magic and Seither magic. They must teach the members of his kindred how to make contact with the Gods, and once they do, the power of the Gods will not only move them, but transform them.

    this is not possible unless there is a “priestly” order made up of men and women who are the keepers of hidden knowledge not to be disseminated among the masses, but who teach this guarded knowledge to the select, those who wish to become leaders. But to lead is to have knowledge of Germanic magic. A leader is Asatru is the Gothi, who is responsible in educating the members of his kindred. He is the conduit between its members and the Gods. He leads them in blot, healing, education and in all matters to help the kindred to survive and prosper.
The Folk Faith of Balder Rising recognizes this, and this is why it concentrates on creating an aristocracy, or priestly order, dedicated to mastering the magic that can forge bonds between the Gods and the growing number of people who are returning to Odin.
  The myths tell us there are three divine races: the Aesir who live in Asgard, the Vanir who live in Vanaheim, and the Light Elves who live in Ljossalfheim. The Folk is dedicated to creating a fourth divine race in Midgard that we refer to as the Vrilir. It is made up of men and women who have mastered how to harness and use Vril (the life force). The Vrilir is an Aristocracy, or better, it is more like a meritocracy. Members of the Vrilir have the title of Erulian and make the membership of the Erulian Council. They are the initiated into the hidden knowledge of the ancient Germanic Mystery School that was destroyed by Charlemagne when he led a crusade against Germanic heathenism. It is the purpose of Balder Rising to resurrect that lost council of Erulians.

 Before Charlemagne wars against the Saxons, there existed a priestly order of men and women who were Rune Masters, known as the Eruli. The name is derived from a group of well organized, extremely mobile band of Rune Masters. It is believed the name is derived from the word–Heruli. They would carve the slogan in stone, bone or wood–Ek Erilaz, which translates as “I Rune Master.” These were men who possessed great knowledge of Northern or Germanic Magic and held a position within Germanic society far above that of the Gothi, and could be compared to the Druids within Celtic society. The loss of this priestly order of Rune Masters weakened the resolve of the Germanic people. 

 In this time of decline and decay within the Western world, more than ever, our people need a spiritual movement. As Odinism grows, now more than ever, it needs a priestly order of Rune Masters. This is what the Folk Faith of Balder Rising hopes to accomplish–the re-establishment of the Erulians, and established the Erulian Council as the governing council for the Folk Faith of Balder Rising. But for this to be achieved, we need to recognize that Odinism is a “living religion,” and not something that can be reconstructed as it existed one thousand, fifteen hundred or two thousand years ago.

  This order needs to combine the Lore of the past with knowledge of the present. We are not talking about mixing traditions, but supplementing the magic with new knowledge provided by modern science like quantum physics which can explain how magic works. The Folk Faith is not a religion of “believing.” It is a religion of knowing! The priestly order is not just custodians of knowledge passed down to us, but seekers of new knowledge as well. Like the Yggdrasil, it has roots that anchor itself in the past, but it also has branches that grow into the future.
  The members of the Erulian Council hold the position of Erulian. They will chose from among their ranks a Master Erulian, which is the leader of the Folk Faith of Balder Rising, and serves for ten years. Each Erulian takes an Erulian name only to be used when they meet in private and is given the title of Vril Lord or Vril Lady. An Erulian has to complete all nine levels of training (81 lessons) and undergone an intervention by the ruling board of the Folk Faith, made up of at least three Erulian, which must include the Master Erulian. Erulians will make up the religious aristocracy of the Folk Faith of Balder Rising, also known as the Vrilir.

 Any leadership cadre must be versed in Rune Magic. In the Rigsthula (The Song of Rig) we are told that mastery of Rune Magic was brought to mankind by Rig, or Heimdall, and that he taught it to Kon, son of Jarl. Thus, the ruling aristocracy (Jarls) must be masters of Rune Magic. Who can become a Vril Lord is determined by ability and dedication. In the desire to be clear on the function and purpose of this aristocracy within the Folk Faith, we will try to define exactly what the role of the Vril Lords will be within the Folk Faith.

Role of the Vril Lords within the Folk Faith.

This simply means that you have completed the Yggdrasil Training Program, and continue to practice the ancient Runic arts, both Galdor and Seither sciences, and other mysteries associated with the Folk Faith of Balder Rising. By doing so you will have developed the vast powers of your mind and soul, permitting you to live life to its fullest potential both individually, striving to obtain the exalted position of a God-man or God-woman, and working to build and expand the Folk Faith of Balder Rising and its Folk Communities. You will be responsible, as a role model within the Folk Faith, to live a healthy, joyful, prosperous and happy life, working to further your own spiritual growth and evolution, and working to build a Folk Community constructed on the same principles.

This means that you possess a fully developed understanding of the spirituality laid down in the Book of Balder Rising, as well as the lore of Vrilology, the lost history and science of the ancient Atlantean Black Sea Civilization and the history of the Indo-European tribes, the Eddaic Poetry, Sagas, the written history of the Folk, and related Indo-European lore.

I. We know that the Gods are our ancestors. The Gods are living deities and are all united with the All-Father through his Life Force, which is called Vril. The All-Father existed before the beginning of time, and gave order to the Yawning Void and rules over the nine worlds.
II. We know the Gods are inherently good and give order to the universe. This order is good and right. They hold back the destructiveness of the chaos personified by the Giants, and want us, their children, to always do what is right. The Gods are our forebears, and we are their children. They descended to Midgard thousands of years ago and walked among our ancestors, teaching them about the Vril and how to harness its power to create a great civilization that we refer to as Atlantis.
III. We share the same Life Force or Vril as the Gods, and they dwell with our DNA, in our blood, in every cell and atom. Therefore it is imperative that we remain pure in body and spirit and always be proud of who we are and what we are. All the Gods and Goddesses are our friends and part of our past and our future. The Aesir and the Vanir are the same Gods in different interpretations that all Indo-Europeans celebrated.
IV. We know the Folk Faith is the true religion of our people. The Gods of the Folk Faith are the true Gods of our people because we share the same Life Force, or Vril, and the same blood. All other Gods and beliefs are alien and foreign to our people and can only lead our people to destruction and extinction.
V. We know that all members of our race are our brothers and sisters. We are all related because we all share the same Life Force and blood. We are the chosen of our Gods, and both individually and collectively it is our duty to spread the truth of the Folk Faith and the message of Balder’s return.
VI. We know that our people must return to our Gods, but they must do it willingly. Only those who are pure in body and spirit can walk in the light of the Balder. Therefore, no one should be forced to join the Folk Faith, or be retained against their will. Only the strong can walk in the Light of Balder. Only the strong can ride with Odin. Only the chosen will live with Freyja in Sessrumnir or with Odin in Valhalla.
VII. We know that Ragnarok has come and gone, and Balder is Odin’s instrument for the return of the Gods. Balder is waiting in Hel to return and herald in a new, golden age that is Gimli, for our people. Balder will return when the Folk Faith has once again become strong and powerful. Only then will the Life Force of our Folk be strong enough to ensure the influence of the Gods over Midgard, and bring about the resurrection of Balder and the establishment of Gimli.
VIII. We know that the Folk Faith is the best religion for our people, and provides the healthiest way of life for our people. Our faith is built on honor, self-reliance, responsibility to each other, our family, friends and other members of our Folk. We seek to strengthen those qualities that the Gods most favor: honor, honesty, truthfulness, joyfulness, industriousness, forbearance, justice, and the willingness to stand up for what is right.
IX. We know that the salvation of our people lies within us. The Life Force of the Gods is the same Life Force that gives us life. The Gods reside within each and every one of us. They reside in our blood, in our DNA, and when we desecrate our blood and DNA, we cause harm to the Gods. It is through the purity of life through the Folk Faith that will strengthen the Life Force of the Gods and ensure the resurrection of Balder.

We all have psychic abilities, and some individuals will excel in certain abilities while others will excel in another. As an Erulian, you must dedicate your life to fine-tuning at least one of your abilities, and use it to help other members of our Folk Faith and Folk Communities. You should also use your abilities for your own advancement, but never deny help toward those fellow Folk Faith members who need your assistance. You don’t have to be an expert in all areas of psychic abilities. You will discover that most people naturally excel in at least one talent, sometimes two or three. The purpose of the Yggdrasil Training Program is to help you discover which talents you excel in, and assist you in developing them. You should then dedicate yourself in developing that talent (or talents) until you become very, very good at it.

Your training as an Erulian is designed to help you understand the relationship between the force of chaos, represented by the Giants, and order, represented by the Gods. You should possess a deep understanding how the two forces interact and are essential for the evolution of the universe. But you should also dedicate yourself to living a life aligned with the work of the Gods, maintaining order here on Midgard, by working toward the formation and development of the Folk Faith Communities.

You should seek to discover not only your link to your ethnic ancestry, but also your family ancestral line. You should try to discover who your ancestors were, and not be afraid to discover the scoundrels that might inhabit your family line, as well as those honorable individual members of your ancestry. To discover a deep and thorough understanding of where you came from will help you to control the Orlog that affects your Wyrd, and this will assist you in your individual evolution toward the goal of becoming a God-man or God-woman.

Heimdall is the eternal watcher and stands guard at the gates of Asgard. So too is the duty of the Vril Lord to watch out for the dark forces that cause the disruption of order, perpetuating chaos. When these forces of disorder do manifest themselves, it is the duty of the Erulian to exercise your powers to make corrections in the Vrilic flow of energy. As you develop your Runic consciousness, the amount of injustice and disorder you experience in your personal life will decline greatly. But along with this advantage comes the responsibility to help other members within the Folk Faith and its Folk Communities who are victims of injustice. You must stand eternally on guard against the assault by the forces of darkness and chaos, just as Heimdall does.

The search to understand the nature of the cosmological structure of the universe, which the Gods struggle to maintain against the disruptive dark forces of chaos, is an eternal vigil. You should be constantly striving to achieve a greater understanding of the Vrilic currents that give order to the universe, and how you can use this understanding to maintain and support the growth and expansion of the Folk Faith and its Folk Communities. This can be done through astral journeys to the different worlds of the Yggdrasil, with the exception of Niflheim and Musspellheim. You must learn to visit the other realms that include Ljossalfheim, Svartalfheim, Jotunheim, Vanaheim, Asgard and Hel. There is great knowledge to be discovered by visiting these worlds, and that knowledge is limitless.

To be an Erulian is to take on the responsibility to “change.” It involves a growing process that best can be described as “evolving into a higher form of life.” The spiritual and esoteric understanding of what this means is best expressed in the Havamal verse #73:

Cattle die, kindred Die:
Every man is mortal;
But the good name never dies
Of one who has done well.

Because of your evolution toward a higher state of being, into a higher form of life, one of perfection, beauty, harmony and stability, you should be filled with a love of life. Your personality should be an expression of this joy of evolving toward this higher state of existence. As you evolve, you will become more and more aware of your true purpose in this life, and this should fill you with a joy that should shine, filling everyone around you with the same joy of living.

By utilizing what we learn in Vrilology to harness the Vril to use the full potential of your hamr (etheric body) to vitalize your physical body, you should maintain the optimum state of health. You should strive to temper your habits with a balance so that you can maintain a healthy body and mind. You will find that Vrilology provides you with the powers to avoid dependencies, debilitating habits and addictions that can cause your life to spin off into the void of chaos. You have learned to constantly renew your Vril energy flow and to replenish the loss of that energy as a result of the natural depletion that comes with existence in Midgard.

Through Vrilology you have developed a natural instinct to care for and ensure the welfare of those close to you, especially those who share a genetic and spiritual relationship. The welfare of your children above all and your spouse and immediate family, followed by your extended kin, will according to the laws of genetics will take on greater importance. This results from the instinctual bond forged from the increased flow of Vril energy that links individuals through their DNA.

The entire purpose of Vrilology is to call Balder back from Hel. His return will be manifested within you. It will awaken the divine powers of the Gods within your being, transforming you into a superior human being—into a God-man or God-woman—hence a Vril Lord! This is the understanding of Balder Rising! This transformation can be understood through a thorough understanding of three Runes–Elhaz, Sowilo and Mannaz. Elhaz is the process of Balder rising out of the Netherworld. Sowilo is the power of Balder risen, transforming you. And Mannaz is the state of being a God-man or God-woman. This Mannaz Being has the power of harnessing, shaping and using the Life Force of the Gods, Vril, for the purpose of maintaining a consciousness of the Folk collective without falling prey to an outsider’s manipulation, and thus becoming a being that commands of his or her own destiny. With this power that comes with manifesting a state known as the Golden Age of Gimli within you, you and the entire Folk Community, whose welfare and wellbeing you are responsible for, will have the power to survive the coming collapse of civilization, which is the culmination of the process known as Ragnarok.