The Midgard Serpent is Real!

  The Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) is a mid-ocean ridge, a divergent or constructive plate boundary located along the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, and part of the longest mountain range in the world.

  In the North Atlantic, it separates the North American from the Eurasian Plate and the African Plate, north and south of the Azores Triple Junction respectively. In the South Atlantic, it separates the African and South American plates. The ridge extends from a junction with the Gakkel Ridge (Mid-Arctic Ridge) northeast of Greenland southward to the Bouvet Triple Junction in the South Atlantic. Although the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is mostly an underwater feature, portions of it have enough elevation to extend above sea level, for example in Iceland. The ridge has an average spreading rate of about 2.5 centimeters (1 in) per year

  In the 1950s, mapping of the Earth’s ocean floors by Bruce Heezen, Maurice Ewing, Marie Tharp and others revealed that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge had a strange bathymetry of valleys and ridges, with its central valley being seismologically active and the epicenter of many earthquakes.

  Ewing, Heezen and Tharp discovered that the ridge is part of a 30,000-mile-long essentially continuous system of mid-ocean ridges on the floors of all the Earth’s oceans. The discovery of this worldwide ridge system led to the theory of seafloor spreading and general acceptance of Wegener’s theory of continental drift and expansion in the modified form of plate tectonics. The ridge is central to the breakup of the hypothetical supercontinent of Pangaea that began some 180 million years ago.

  If you look at the map of the world-wide oceanic ridge it encircles the entire planet. Beginning in the North Atlantic you can see the Midgard Serpent’s jaws trying to devour Greenland. Iceland actually forms an eye in its head. It body coils down the center of the Atlantic Ocean and then turns east into the India Ocean, coiling once again up towards the Indian sub-continent and then down and around Australia and along the southern regions of the Pacific Ocean. its tail then swings up along the western coast of South and North America.

  Force millenniums the Germanic Erulians believed the great Midgard Serpent lived at the bottom of the world’s oceans where it was thrown by Odin. it grew until it encircled the entire planet. Imprisoned at the oceans’ bottom it whirls and coils causing terrible earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions which modern science contribute to the ridge that was pushed up from the pressure of moving tectonic plates make as they flow on a subterranean ocean of molten rock.

  The ancient Germanic Erulians were the guardians of the knowledge and science that our ancestors possessed during the ancient golden age before it was destroyed by the corrupting influence of Gullveig and Loki. When their civilization, which is referred to by modern Russian archeologists as Aratta Civilization that existed around the Black Sea from 25,000 BCE to 5600 BCE, and was destroyed when the Black Sea flooded, much of their science and knowledge had been codified within their Lore and Myths.

  We modern heathen Erulians must try and unlock the hidden knowledge. The Midgard serpent is one example of what I have discovered through meditation. I found that the Midgard Serpent really existed and that its meaning is in the great oceanic ridge that encircles the world.

  It is this sub oceanic mountain range that causes underwater earthquakes at the bottom of a body of world-wide water. Like the Midgard serpent the ridge is the leading cause of tsunamis. Where the quakes occur they will cause damage and loss of life on land from fires, damaged structures, and flying objects; these submarine earthquakes alters the seabed, resulting in a series of waves, and depending on the length and magnitude of the earthquake, tsunami, which bear down on coastal cities causing property damage and loss of life.

Blumetti’s discovery of the Midgard Serpent at the bottom of the oceans.