Rune Poem

By Robert Blumetti


Fehru, rune of wealth, necessity to live, a comfort when own, freely you should it. For when the time comes, to stand before Odin, to judge you he will, by how you used your wealth.


Uruz is fearless, an unstoppable force, power primeval, the man force in us all. Courageous and brave, the rune is vital force, a very fierce beast, you should tame your auroch.


A force unbridle, chaotic, destruction, thunder and lightning, quake, shake, flood, eruption. Mighty Thurisaz, thunderer with hammer, can master the this force, restore order for all.


In Asgard he lives, ansuz, the all-father, the master of runes, his one eye can see all. He rides the wild wind, collector of the dead, his wisdom boundless, sacrificed to himself.


Raidho is the rune, on the road to wisdom, ride the horse forward, enlightenment to seek. No quest comes easy, all growth is hard to take, once the quest has started, complete the journey you must.


The torch of kenaz, lights up the world anew, direct the power outward, across the wide cosmos. From inner self springs, new life reborn again, the Folk Soul burns bright, it drives away the night.


Opposites attract, in gebo’s love unites, exchanged gifts contract, man and woman delight. Wedding does produce, in new generations, the Folk grows anew, in continuation.


Wunjo rune of joy, well-being to us all, hope springs eternal, harmony in the hall. It is a blessing, to all our blood kinsmen, but without wisdom, the pleasure leads to doom.


From ice eternal flows, from fores of Muspellheim, did opposites join, and hagalaz was born. Slain by three in one, reshaped to form nine worlds, from chaos comes order, the world pillar was formed.


The need to evolve, the need to procreate, is the rune naudiz, manifest destiny. Past, present, future, the fate known by Norns, use your destiny, do not strive against it.


Isa is inert, of contraction and doom, rime from Niflheim, unmoving is the ice. Rune of the ego, the stillness of the tomb, power to control, to concentrate the will.


Freyer claims this rune, solar cycle is he, creativity, jera is harmony. This rune turns the year, birth, growth, age, death, rebirth, to sow the seed good, in kind return it should.


Yggdrasill is eihwaz, the steed that Odin rides, to gain the knowledge, on this rune Odin hanged. The axis it is, heaven, earth and underworld, its life-giving force, gives spiritual rebirth.


The well of the Wyrd, is the rune perthro, the three Norns dwell here, past, present and future. By this force is wove, the destiny of all, Gods and men must bend, to lots cased from this cup.


Rune of protection, return of Balder, ascend to Asgard, sign of the life force. Unites Gods and men, the bridge between the two, rune of consciousness, removing our divorce.


Will to power, rune of victory, Balder is the light, sowilo is his might. Turning of the wheel, the symbol of the sun, life and death in honor, spiritual will increased.


points to the north star, rune of Irminsul, tiwaz, rune of Tyr, god of war and justice. Tamer of Fenris, self-sacrifice for all, vault of heaven, the symbol of success.


Mother of all things, rune of the great mother, sign of mysteries, rebirth in berkano. Both Freyja and Frigg, Nerthus, the earth mother, conceals and protects, she gives life to us all.


Ehwaz is the rune, to expand your power, Sleipnir you will ride, to nine worlds in the tree. Twin gods together, trust and loyalty, harmoniously, with sensuality.


Mannaz, rune of Rig, shaper of the gene pool, Hemidall is the god, progenitor of man. In blood we are one, mortal and immortal, through its sacred power, improve ourselves we can.


Laguz is the rune, the power of the vril, from its deep waters, organic life will spring. Giver of ne life, help to grow, it will, the rune of baptism, into the fold it brings.


The rune of god Ing, inawaz, mate of Nerthus, father of the Vanir, self-regenerating force. The power of the male, secrets of sex magic, potential power, gestation needed to grow.


The rune of dagaz, total awakening, the gift from odin, inspiration divine. Mystical moment, when opposites unite, when day dawns in east, the healing hand of life.


Othala the clan, integrated homeland, closure of the clan, kin and kindred come first. The rune imprints, in our genetic codes, it speaks across time, in blood eternal one!