Russian Scientists

Breakthrough in methods used in Vrilology

  Because of the collapse of the Ur-civilization that was created by our ancestors, the knowledge that was taught to them by the Gods has degenerated and diversified over the millenniums. Today in the West we refer to this ability as mere “intuition.” But we too can regain full use of it. And this is exactly what Vrilology teaches. One of the principles of understanding how Galdor magic works is the three-fold nature of each Rune: shape, sound, and esoteric meaning. Each Rune harnesses the life force, Vril, and shapes it in accordance with its form, changes the frequency of Vril energy with the sound of its name, and thus impregnates the currents of Vril with its esoteric meanings. Through our training program, we in the Folk faith teach our members how to use each Rune to harness and shape Vril through meditating on its form, and then by chanting its sound, causing change by the frequency of its vibrational nature.

  That our bodies are programmable by language, words, sound and thought has been known for millenniums. The Folk Faith believes that this science was taught to our ancestors over seven thousand years ago by the Gods, who then used this knowledge to transform themselves and their environment. The Gods gave them the Runes as tools for this. Everything in Nature vibrates. Vril energy makes up 99.9999… percent of all atoms. Thus everything is made of Vrilic energy.

 The number of electrons rotating around its nucleus creates unique frequency for each atom, which collectively create the form and substance of whatever the atoms are part of. Thus, everything in nature has a unique frequency. By chanting the Runes individually or in combination, we can change the frequency of Vrilic currents and thus transform reality. This ability to transform reality is applied to the world around us, the objective and subjective, externally and internally. “Internally” means we have the potential to transform ourselves by changing and shaping the frequency of atoms that make up our own DNA. People have scoffed at this concept, but now we hear that there has been extensive research into this field. The results can only be described as truly revolutionary! Now, scientists in Russia, as well as other countries, including the United States, are discovering the nature of this phenomenon.

Conventional thinking has been that we use only 10 percent of our DNA, which is used for building proteins. It is this 10 percent that is of chief interest to the Human Genome Project and other research programs. The other 90 percent of the DNA is referred to by western scientists as “junk DNA” and considered useless. However, research in Russia into this “junk DNA” has led to the discovery that human DNA is a type of biological Internet, but far superior to it in many aspects. According to them, besides the blueprint for the construction of our bodies rooted in the 10 percent of our DNA, the remaining 90 percent serves for data storage and communication. By comparing the rules of syntax (the way we put words together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms), and the basic rules of grammar, Russian linguists discovered that the same regular grammar rules all our human languages embody are also followed by the sequence of bases in DNA, especially by the 90 percent of “useless” DNA. They conclude that human languages reflect our inherent DNA and are not coincidental.

  Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues performed extensive research into vibrational behavior of the DNA. They modulated certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray and used them to influence the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself, observing: “Living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation.” Since the basic structure of language and the structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language are similar, DNA decoding was not necessary.

  They were able to achieve the same results through the use of words and sentences of the human language! Their experiments showed that DNA substance in living tissue will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies are being used. They claimed that it is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language.

  Garjajevấs research group used their method to repair chromosomes experimentally damaged by X-rays. They were even able to reprogram the cells to another genome, by retrieving information patterns of a specific DNA and then transmitting it onto another. Frog embryos were transformed into salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns! Normally cutting out and re-introducing single genes from one piece of DNA to another produces harmful side effects; the Russian method avoided such disharmonies. By simply applying vibration and language instead of the archaic cutting-out procedure, they achieved a sensational and revolutionary breakthrough in genetic engineering. Their experiments and research reveals the immense power of wave genetics, which has a greater influence on the formation of organisms than the biochemical processes operating on base sequences.

  This research has shown that such phenomena as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around certain people (namely spiritual masters), the mind’s influence on weather patterns, and much more can be explained directly or indirectly by the effects of changing the frequencies of our DNA. The work provides a scientific explanation why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on the human mind and physical body.

  Instead of cutting single genes from DNA strands as western researchers do, the Russians enthusiastically worked on devices that can influence the cellular metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies and thus repair genetic defects. This had led the Russian scientists to conclude that a whole new type of medicine is possible, in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies without cutting out and replacing single genes.

  There is still a long way to go before we can perfect the method, for frequency has to be correct if we are to effect the desired transformation. This lack of fully understanding the science is why not everybody is equally successful or can do it always with the same strength. It take a great deal of hard work, dedication and maturity in order to establish a conscious communication with the DNA. The Russian researchers are working on a method that is not dependent on these factors but will always work, provided one uses the correct frequency.

  The development of mechanical instruments that can cause such transformations is truly revolutionary. But we are not restricted to such devices. The higher developed consciousness is able to cause such transformation with the power of his mind. Vrilology is working on teaching its students to achieve this state of higher consciousness using the methods taught to our ancestors by the Gods as described in the myths, when Heimdall descended to Midgard and taught the sons of Jarl the use of Runes and Galdor magick, But the Folk Faith is also excited about the possibility of using mechanical instruments to achieve the same goal. Once the principles of this phenomenon are revealed by science, there will no longer be any doubt about the validity of Vrilology.

  But it doesn’t end there. The Russian scientists also discovered that our DNA can cause disturbance patterns in the vacuum, thus producing magnetized worm holes! Worm holes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges in the vicinity of black holes (left by burned-out stars). Worm holes are believed to be tunnels that connect different point throughout the universe. Their range is limitless and might even span time as well as space. Thus, through these holes in space and time, information can be transmitted outside of the restrictions of space and time. It is through these worm holes that our DNA fetches these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness. This process of hyper-communication is most effective once the individual enters a state of relaxation. Stress, worries or a hyperactive intellect prevent successful hyper-communication or can completely distort the data, rendering it useless. In the myths, this hyper-communication is symbolized by Mimir’s Well. Odin surrendered his left eye, which is connected to the right brain, the seat of higher consciousness, so that he could drink from the well, and thus access limitless information and knowledge.

We can observe many examples of hyper-communication in Nature. For instance, when a queen ant is spatially separated from her colony, the colony continues to function fervently without any disruption. But if the queen ant is killed, there is massive disruption in the colony. The colony is unable to function normally because the queen ant is the instrument by which the colony is organized; the colony then seems to tap into its own hyper-communication and, as if as one entity, every ant works together to produce a new queen. With humans, hyper-communication is most often encountered when one suddenly gains access to information that is outside one’s knowledge base.

  We can observe many examples of hyper-communication in Nature. For instance, when a queen ant is spatially separated from her colony, the colony continues to function fervently without any disruption. But if the queen ant is killed, there is massive disruption in the colony. The colony is unable to function normally because the queen ant is the instrument by which the colony is organized; the colony then seems to tap into its own hyper-communication and, as if as one entity, every ant works together to produce a new queen. With humans, hyper-communication is most often encountered when one suddenly gains access to information that is outside one’s knowledge base.

There are many recorded incidences of hyper-communication throughout history. These incidents are usually referred to as inspiration or intuition. Whenever Thomas Edison was stumped by a problem, he would retreat to the privacy of his office. There he would sit on a chair with a bucket of water between his feet, and place a brick on his knees. He would then take a nap. When he entered REM or deep sleep, his body would go completely limp and his knees would separate, causing the brick to fall into the bucket and splash water on him, waking him up out of deep sleep. When he woke, he usually had the solution to his problem. The reason for this is that when we enter deep or REM sleep, we enter the delta state of consciousness, which is the highest trance state that we can reach, and thus its boundaries are limitless. It can retrieve whatever data it needs from Mimir’s limitless well.


  Another example of hyper-communication is the Italian composer Giuseppe Tartini. He once dreamed that a devil sat at his bedside playing the violin. He woke out of REM or deep sleep and could remember the entire piece that the devil was playing, and immediately wrote it down exactly. He called it the Devil’s Trill Sonata.

  A peculiar phenomenon takes place in the DNA when hyper-communication occurs. When the Russian scientists irradiated DNA samples with laser light, a typical wave pattern was formed on a screen. The wave pattern did not disappear when they removed the DNA sample. This phenomenon occurred repeatedly over numerous controlled experiments. The pattern continued to emanate from the removed sample after the experiments was stopped. Apparently the energy field remained after the laser light was turned off. This effect is now called phantom DNA effect.

  The Russian scientists think that a form of universal energy that transcends time and space (and that we in Balder Rising refer to as Vril) continues to flow through the activated worm holes long after the DNA is removed. This results in the appearance of an electromagnetic field in the vicinity of the person concerned.

  Electronic devices that come into contact with the electromagnetic fields cease to function for hours. The devices function normally once the electromagnetic field slowly dissipates. This effect has been known to occur among healers and psychics. In their book Vernetzte Intelligenz (Networked Intelligence), Grazyna Gosar and Franz Bludorf explore the phenomenon in depth. They quote sources presuming that in earlier times humanity possessed advanced ability in hyper-communication, lending credibility to Vrilology’s claim that our ancestors had such powers due to the intervention of the Gods.

  Today, we are re-discovering this ability that lies dormant within us. The United States government once ran a program known as Star Gate, in which people with psychic ability learned to develop and use powers that came to be referred to as remote viewing, remote healing, and remote sensing. What the program operators discovered that is interesting is that while there are certain individuals that seemed to possess a natural and highly developed ability, everyone had this ability and could be taught to develop and use it.


  The Folk Faith of Balder Rising teaches its students Vrilology, which seeks to develop a new form of group consciousness by which we attain access to all information via our DNA, by tapping into what the myths refer to as Mimir’s Well. This ability works just like the Internet. Through our DNA, we can access information and even establish contact with other participants in the network. Just as pets know from afar when their owners plan to return home, we too can become sensitive to the whereabouts of other people. This too can be explained via the concepts of group consciousness and hyper-communication. 

The Russian researchers admit that humans with highly developed consciousness and strong individuality possess a group consciousness that would give them a god-like powers to create, alter and shape things on Earth! It is important to understand that manipulation of this ability can pose a real threat, just like other abilities people have. This is why Balder Rising works to develop highly advanced consciousness among those who practice Vrilology. Only by assuring the individual consciousness of those who practice Vrilology can we prevent exploitation. Any collective consciousness cannot be sensibly used over any period of time without a distinctive individuality. Otherwise we would revert to a primitive herd instinct that is easily manipulated.

  We know that children are born with this ability, and in some children these powers are highly developed. But modern society has discouraged children from developing their powers, so their ability eventually degenerates and becomes dormant. In China’s Indigo Children, author Paul Dong explores this phenomenon in China, where more and more children are now being encouraged to develop their powers. Some people are encouraging this development in the West as well. Balder Rising via its Folk Faith will be among those to encourage children to develop and use their powers in our future Folk Communities.

  There are many cultures in which it is believed that weather can be influenced by people. Myths and sagas tell us that the Runes can be used this way. It might be difficult for an individual to control weather with the power of his mind, even with the help of Runes, but weather might be influenced by a group consciousness.

  We know weather is strongly influenced by Earth resonance frequencies, the so-called Schumann frequencies. But those same frequencies are also produced in our brains. Thus, when many people synchronize their thinking and focus their thoughts in a laser-like fashion, especially with the assistance of Runes, then, scientifically speaking, it is not at all surprising if they can thus influence weather. 

  Researchers in group consciousness have formulated a theory of two types of civilization. Type I civilization is one in which humanity has developed a group consciousness to create a unified civilization that uses collective consciousness to control the energies of its home planet, mentally manipulate its environment, and thus eliminate all natural catastrophes. Type II civilization would be one that has developed its collective consciousness to the point of controlling all energies of their entire home galaxy.

  Studies have shown when huge amounts of people focus their attention on a single event, especially one that generates high emotional reaction, like the funeral of Lady Diana in England or the final game in soccer’s world cup, the mental energy creates a group consciousness that has caused certain random number generators (set up to measure this effect in computers) to deliver ordered numbers instead of the random ones. An ordered group consciousness creates order in its whole surroundings!

 Gustav LeBon’s book The Crowd explores the nature of the collective mind. LeBon wrote that when people congregate for a specific event, they act collectively and behave very differently from what they would do as individuals; they would do things in a group that they would never contemplate doing individually. There seems to be a melding of the individual consciousness and personality into a collective or group mind that takes over.

  DNA acts as an organic superconductor at normal body temperature. This is very different from artificial superconductors, which require extremely low temperatures, between -200 and -140̊C, to function. All superconductors are able to store light and thus information. Alexander Graham Bell discovered in the 19th Century that information can be transmitted by light. Manipulation of light is another way of explaining how the DNA can store and send information.

  The transmission of data through light is another phenomenon linked to DNA and worm holes. Super small worm holes are highly unstable and are maintained only for the tiniest fractions of a second. They have been produced in superconductors in Switzerland. Under certain conditions stable worm holes can organize themselves into distinctive vacuum domains in which, for example, gravity can transform into electricity. Vacuum domains are self-radiant balls of ionized gas that contain considerable amounts of energy.

  Radiant balls of light occur commonly in certain parts of Russia. Because of the public reaction to such orbs, the Russian authorities began an extensive investigation that has resulted in many of the discoveries mentioned above. One of the conclusions that the Russians came up with is that they are vacuum domains, and that these vacuum domains often appear as balls of light that fly from the ground into the sky.

  But the most amazing discovery by the Russians is that these balls can actually be guided by our thoughts. It is believed that these vacuum domains emit the same kind of waves of low frequency that are produced in our brains. Because of this similarity of waves they are able to react to our thoughts. 

The Russians explained that contact with one of these balls of light could cause mutations in our genes due to the immense amounts of energy such balls contain. Such energy orbs have been manifested by psychics through deep meditation or energy work. These energy orbs usually trigger decidedly pleasant feelings and have a positive effect on people. It is believed that the effect the orbs have on a person depends on the quality and provenance of the vacuum domain.

  In some cases, the light orbs cannot be seen, but for some reason they appear on photographs taken of a spiritual teacher in a deep meditative state that produces hyper-communication. They have also appeared in photographs of Earth healing sessions.

  There is speculation that these phenomena have to do with gravity and anti-gravity forces, and with ever more stable worm holes and hyper-communication, and thus with energies from outside our time and space structure. Earlier generations that got in contact with such hyper-communication experiences and visible vacuum domains were convinced that an angel had appeared before them.

Research into this phenomenon is still ongoing, but the Russians have made another giant step toward understanding our reality. Their research lends scientific credibility to what we in Balder Rising teach in our courses on Vrilology.

If you are interested in looking further into this subject, then check out the book, Vernetzte Intelligenz by von Grazyna Fosar und Franz Bludorf, ISBN 3930243237. The book unfortunately is available only in German so far. You can reach the authors at: