Why Vril?

The Life Force of the Gods.

  Many within the Odinist/Asatru movement have asked why we use the term Vril to describe the Life Force of the Gods. If you examine the many different organizations, especially those that explore both Galder and Seither magick, they will touch on the subject of this Life Force, but few ever really get into a deep examination of just what it is. Some groups will refer to it as the “Odic” force, a term used by Karl von Reichenbach. Some simply refer to it as ond, the vital breath of Odin. But whatever name these groups refer to it as, they only touch on it in passing. This is a vital mistake for the understanding of what this force is and its nature and role in the cosmology of the Elder Tradition.

  Other traditions have referred to it by many different names. The Chinese refer to it as chi, the Hindi as prana, the Japanese as reiki, the Romans referred to it as Rhea Kybele, which means “the rolling astral light.

  The Church of Vrilology uses the term “Vril” because it’s very name has deep, runic magick that I will reveal in the principles of Runic Physics. Vril has used as a term to describe this Life Force by the Rosicrucians, a Germanic esoteric society, related to the masons and eventually made it a popular term during the 19th century, when the Rosicrucian, Edward George Bulwer-Lytton wrote his novel, Vril: The Power of the Coming Race.

  In The Coming Race, Bulwer-Lytton explains that the Vril-ya (a race of super beings who learn to master Vril) speaks an “original language.” They are described as descended from the ancient Aryans.

  The author of the novel was an initiate of the most sacred occult learning, so I find the word Vril, an interesting occult name. The V, which is an inverted hieroglyph for a pyramid, is the symbol of the supreme being. We see this symbolism on the American dollar bill. But if we take the word Vril and break it down further, we have ri and l. The ri refers to the ruling principle that can be found in such words as regal, the l is symbolic of the word El, which means God.

  So the word Vril, is actually symbolic of the power source of God, or the Gods. Madame Helena Blavatsky referred to the Vril as Fahot, and claimed that the Atlanteans called it Mash-Mak. In the Tibetan language it means chi or life force, but it can simply mean vibration. In ancient Sumeria, the word Vri means “God,” and Il means “to be like.” Thus, Vril means, “to be Godlike.”

  In the early part of the 20th century the Vrilgesellschaft (Vril Society) was founded, whose members believed they were in contact with the Gods, who transmitted runic formulas for them to use to harness Vril energy mechanically. It is reputed that they used this knowledge to construct an anti-gravity flying ship in the shape of a disc commonly known as a flying saucer. The Vril Society was disbanded and its operations were taken over by the Nazis when they came to power in Germany.

  In the last decade, the term Vril has been demonized by the establishment because the Nazis tried to master this source of energy and use it for their dark plans of conquest and genocide.

  But the name Vril cannot be discarded any more can the Runes themselves be discarded because the Nazis used them for their own diabolic purposes. Within the name “Vril” there is real runic power, and I will now proceed to prove this fact through Runic Physics.

  Let us begin with the spelling of Vril and translate the letters into Runes of the Elder Futhark.

  The first letter is “V.” There is no letter V in the Futhark, but two Runes can be substituted depending on whether it is the hard V or soft V sound. If you use the soft U as in Nevada, or very, you can use Uruz U for its U sound. But when we need to use the hard V sound, we can us Fehu F for the F sound. “R” is the Rune Raidho R, “I” is Isa i, and “L” is Laguz L.

  So the spelling of Vril would be f R I L.

  Fehu is the Rune of fire and is the sending Rune. This Rune represents the realm of fire, Musspellheim.  This Rune represents the realm of fire, Musspellheim. In the Icelandic Rune poem we read:

“Wealth source of discord among kinsmen and fire of the sea and path of the serpent”

 We are concern with the line, “fire of the sea.” Remeber, the Elder Futhark was the gift of the Gods to their children who lived along the coast of the Black Sea before 5600 B.C., and they used the Runes to harness Vril energy to create a civilization more advance then our present civilization. They understood that the “sea’ is made up of “water” and the formula for water is H2O. The “O” represents one molecule of oxygen and the H2 represents two molecules of hydrogen. When you fuse two molecule of hydrogen together you unleash enormous fire in the form of a nuclear fusion–fire of the sea.


  The second letter is the Rune Raidho, which is the Rune of choosing the right road for the right results. It represent Divine Order and Patterning. Thus, Raidho channels the fire of Fehu along the right path of Divine order toward the runic energy of the third letter of the name Vril, which is “I,” or the Rune Isa. Isa represents ice. This is the eternal ice of the realm of Niflheim.

  Isa represents concentration. It take the heat and energy of Fheu’s fire and concentrates it along the Divine Order of Raidho, causing the ice of Niflehim to melt, transforming it into the third last letter of the word, Vril, “L” or Laguz, which represents water. Water is what we get when we put ice under the heating energy fire. It melts into water. Thus, by sending the fire of Fehu along the right path to ice, we create water. Laguz, which represents water, is also the Rune of the Life-Force—Vril!

 Vril fills the universe and multiverse of Yggdrasill, just as the waters of the world fills the oceans. It is also why we refer to Vril and its movements in terms that describe water, such as “currents of Vril.” Water is a life force for from water life on earth that life first appeared. Physically, we are almost entirely made up of water, just as energy-wise we are almost entirely made up of Vril.

  If we were to make a bindrune from the four Runes that make up the word Vril, we have a very interesting image. The firs three runic letters can be connected easily, as if they symbolically assimilate their energies into a single force, while the fourth runic letter cannot be connected and must stand alone. Thus we have f + r + i = l .

  Thus, we have fire melting ice is the Divine path for creation of the Life Force, Vril that gave rise to the first form of life, Ymir, who represented Vril energy in a disharmonic form, chaos, and it would take Odin, Vili and Ve to transform chaos into order by harnessing Vril and transforming it with the use of the Runes. This process is fundamentally rooted in the male/female principle of Force/Form process of creation. We have the Force of the fire of Musspellheim, impregnating the ice of Niflheim, causing it to melt and thus transform into water, or Vril, the Life Force.