Sexual Energy

As the Universal Creative Force of Generation

  There are three universal urges that are prevalent in all living creatures in their quest for survival: Protection or avoidance from danger, the acquisition of nourishment for continuous and the need to reproduce. The third urge is often referred to as the “sexual urge.” We have only to look about us and we find the sexual urge to be pervasive everywhere in society. It can manifest itself in many forms: From overt displaces of sex to question about morality. Sexual energy is a powerful force within the human psyche and can be a determining factor is almost all human behavior. In this essay on Runic Physics, I want to explore the runic principle behind sexual energy and its role in creation.

  In our training program (The Yggdrasill Training Program) we explore the relationship between the male and female natures that are the underling principle behind all creation on every level of existence within the cosmos, in both the physical and esoteric realms of realities. The two principles are the masculine Force and the feminine Form. It is the union of these two elemental forces that give rise to creation and powers the evolutionary process that is fundamental to the continuous of life on both the tiniest organic level and on the grandest macrocosmic levels. The every existence of the universe, and the multiverse, owes its existence to the male/female principle of reproduction. Thus fact must be understood and accepted if we are to have any understanding of the role of sexual energy in the existence of the universe and its continuance.


  Let’s begin with the Rune of sexual energy, Kenaz ( K ). Kenaz is the Rune of controlled fire, unlike Fehu ( F ) which is uncontrolled fire. By uncontrolled we do not mean destructive, but rather, energy that is expelled in all directions, much like the sun which generates energy and sends it out in all directions at once. Kenaz is closer to the blacksmith’s forge, where fire is controlled and used for a specific purpose–to shape and create new things. This has relevance on the mechanical level, meaning technology, and on the human or esoteric level, sexual energy. Thus, Fehu is a Rune that can be used to generate what is referred to as “animal magnetism,” or “charisma,” which is an aura of sexual power that people feel when in the presence of someone who has “strong presence.” People are drawn to such individuals, not necessarily in a sexual matter. Such individuals use their sexual energies to win friends, convince people to do as they wish and are natural-born leaders. But if one seeks to seduce another individual for the purpose of sexual intercourse, one needs to concentrate their sexual energies for such a goal, and kenaz is the Rune of controlled fire. The very shape of Kenaz is like that of light being send in a certain direction, similar to light given off by a modern-day flashlight.

 Just as sexual energy is a fundamental force universally, we can see it as a powerful force within almost all the Runes of the Elder Futhark. By examining all twenty-four Runes we will discover that the Kenaz shape can be found in every Rune with the exception of Isa (eternal ice of Niflehim). Some even have two, three or four or more Kenaz Runes within their shape.

  We can see the number of Kenaz Runes in each of the Runes of the Elder Futhark, and will explore each Rune and the nature of the runic energy of controlled fire in each Rune. Of all Rune, Isa, the Rune of Eternal Ice of Niflheim, and is the only Rune without controlled fire within its shape, and Kenaz, of course, is the only Rune that has a single controlled fire shape within its form. Both of these Runes are an expression of the principles of sexual energy—Male or controlled sexual energy used to send the potency of reproduction, and Female, the passive sexual energy that is fertilized and is receptive.

  Let’s now examine each Rune for the kenaz force found within its shape.

  Fehu: There are two Kenaz runes within Fehu, foun within the two arms representing fire rising upward and outward, uncontrolled. This is the runic energy that provides Luck or animal magnetism which is manifested by computating the power of kenaz to the second power..

  Uruz: Uruz has only one Kenaz within its form, facing down, representing Vril energy fertilizing the earth. This also represents Vril energy being sent into a person for healing purposes.

  Thurisaz: Thurisaz has a single reverse facing Kenaz facing a staff that can be represented as Isa. Here we have the eternal creative process of fire and ice that gave birth to the universe. Fire being directed towards ice. There are two other possible Kenaz runes being directed down and up into each other, which might explain the explosive fusion power that exist within this powerful Rune that represents Thor’s hammer and its power to destroy and create at once.

 Ansuz: There are two Kenaz runes within Ansuz, with a opposite configuration to Fehu. The two downward facing arms of Ansuz form two Kenaz runes sending energy downward into the folk community, filling it with the runic energies of Ansuz, and as in Fehu, this energy is Vril to the second power.

 Raidho: Raidho has two, possibly five Kenaz runes within its configuration. The two primary represent opposite powers of the creative fire under control. One is directed into the staff, which is an Isa rune. The other is directed outward.

 The two Kenaz are integrated by the lower arm of the upper Kenaz and the upper arm of the lower Kenaz. The two secondary Kenaz runes are directing their power into each other. Thus, like Thurisaz, we have fusion, but this is release of power is sent in opposite directions, creating a plane of existence or dimension. This plane is the right road traveled. But there is a fifth possible Kenaz facing downward. This fifth kenaz is very mysterious. Its energy is directed downward. Kenaz 3, 4 and 5 could represent the reproductive power of copulation that produced new life.

  Kenaz 3 and 4 copulate creating new sexual energy in the form of new life, Kenaz # 5. With Raidho we can discover the pure and natural essence of sexual energy, which is reproduction. That the essence of sex is to create human pairing for the purpose of repr0ducing. This would make sense since Raidho represents the the correct road or right path, meaning the natural and correct nature of something.

  Kenaz: The shape of Kenaz is the purity of the power of controlled fire or sexual energies that is produced in Musspellheim. Sexual energy might be the most powerful force in human behavior, as well as in all forms of life. We can see how the urge to reproduce is greater than that of the survival and protection instincts. Males will fight each other for the right to reproduce, even at the price of their own lives. Salmon will exhaust themselves to swim upstream against the river current for chance to reproduce, even though they will not eat and finally exhaust themselves so much that they will die once the act of sexual copulation is achieved.

  Gebo: Gebo has four Kenaz Runes, representing power expanding under controlled in all directions. This is connected to the Gebo principle of exchanging gifts. Two individuals will exchange gifts, which might be material gifts or sexual intercourse, for the purpose of bonding, establishing partnerships and family units which brings with it great power. Gebo also represents the exchange of gifts between mortals and the Gods.

  Wunjo: There is one Kenaz within the Wunjo form. It looks similar to Thurisaz, but its effect on the Isa staff is very different. Kenaz is situated at the top of the Isa staff and its energy propels it around the axis point of the Isa staff. Directed sexual energy or fire of Kenaz causes Wunjo to rotate and thus, create runic energy of love, joy and harmony among the members of the family and folk, thus creating a stable, harmonious environment.

  Hagalaz: Hagalaz has two Kenaz Runes, one face down, representing the falling hail that lays waste to the earth, destructive and crushing. The second Kenaz is facing upward, representing the fertilizing power of rebirth that the melting waters of hail provides as it nourishes the ground, causing new life to be born and grow. Sexual magic is used to cause one to evolve into a being possessing higher consciousness. Hagalaz is the Rune of death and rebirth, the initiation a new member of the many esoteric group undergoes, representing the death of the old self and its replacement by the new knowledge.

  Nauthiz: There are two Kenaz Runes within the form of Nauthiz. What is interesting is that they are similar to Hagalaz. We can see the need-fire energy of Nauthiz within the Hagalaz process.

  Isa: Isa is the one Rune in which Kenaz does not exist. It is the opposite of both Kenaz (controlled fire or sexual energy and uncontrolled fire of sexual energy). Isa is the pure ice of Niflheim. It is static and can be used to cause impotency within a individual, a whole race or people and cause a venture to come to a grinding halt.

  Jera: Jera is Kenaz to the second power in its most purest and powerful form. It is two Kenaz Runes rotating around each other, but this rotating moving is a spiraling motion that causes upward movement and thus evolution. This is after all the purpose of sex and sexual energy.

  Eihwaz: Eihwaz represents the Yggdrasill. This cosmic construct of the Vril-filled cosmos is charged with upward and downward motion that feeds on itself, life the squirrel Ratatosk, running up and down the trunk of the Yggdrasill tree, between the corrosive power of the dragon Nidhogg, gnawing on the roots of the tree and the Godly force of the Eagle (Odin) perched in the upper-most branches of the tree. This is why Eihwaz is the Rune of Kundalini (Vril) Fire.


  Perthro: Perthro has four Kenaz Runes, two face up and two facing down. Its form is Kenaz to the fourth power. This causes a warping of time and space and is the hidden power of the mind to harness Vril so that you can discover how to use it to create your own Wyrd. What is interesting is that the left side of the Perthro form is closed while the right side is open. This means that by utilizing the subconsciousness part of your mind within the right-side of the brain, the possibilities open for you are limitless.

  Sowilo: There are two variations of Sowilo and both are made up of two Kenaz Runes. The Kenaz Runes are linked together but are directed in opposite directions. Though Sowilo represents the sun, it also represents lightning. The two Kenaz Runes are like lightning rather than the sun. Lightning strikes the earth and then shoots back upward into space. We can see the energy doing just this within either Sowilo form.

  Elhaz: There is one Kenaz Rune within the shape of Elhaz. We will examine Elhaz and Tiwaz later in greater detail, but for now it represents the male penis having penetrated the female vagina or womb. This is the sexual act of copulation completed. Elhaz is known as the Life Force Rune. In sexual magic, a man and a woman can reach levels of higher consciousness during orgasm. The Gods live within a realm of higher consciousness, and Elhaz is also the Rune of the Valkyrie, the messengers of the Gods.

  Tiwaz: Similar to Elhaz, the Kenaz within the Twiaz shape is at the top, facing downward. It also represents the vagina or womb. The Isa staff also represents the male penis, erect and ready to penetrate the womb. This is the force that drives man and woman to engage in sexual pleasure. Tiwaz is the Rune of the God Tyr. Tyr represents social stability. The Rune Tiwaz, representing the sexual drive between amn and woman is the principle of social stability in any society. It is the foundation for the survival of the Folk.

  Berkano: There are two Kenaz, side by side facing the Isa Rune. They represent the woman’s breasts. Breasts are both symbols of nourishment and sexuality.

  Ehwaz: Looks like the letter “M.” It has three Kenaz Runes. Here you have a Kenaz Rune holding two Isa Runes together. Where the are joined, two additional Kenaz Runes are formed. Through sexual magic, one can forge a relationship with his Fetch, which is represented as an animal. Ehwaz is symbolic of a horse and his rider taking a spiritual journey toward higher consciousness (other realms of the Yggdrasill).

  Mannaz: There are at least four Kenaz Runes and possibly eight within Mannaz. This is the Rune of the perfected human and made from two Wunjo Runes facing each other, as if kissing. It represents the human who has been able to get in touch with their oppose gender self, thus creating a balance within one self that assures he or she is true to his or her gender. Once an individual has achieved this state, he or she can feel a true and pure love for the member of the opposite sex. This love lacks the desire to possess, control or change, but accepts the other unconditionally. It is the highest form of love between a man and a woman.

  Laguz: Laguz has one Kenaz. The fire is aimed downward, along the Isa staff. This represents Ice melting under the direction of controlled fire (sexual energy), turn ice into water, the Life Force (Vril).

 Ingwaz: Ingwaz is two or four Kenaz all aimed inward.. Ingwaz is the Earth God, and represent gestation before sudden release of power. The four Kenaz Runes create an incubation chamber or womb. We can see the fusion of four Kenaz Runes that eventually explode in great burst of energy. This is the sex drive released after a long period of containment.

  Dagaz: Dagaz has four primary Kenaz Runes with energy being directed outward in all directions, but two directions are cut off by two Isa staffs. Dagaz represents daylight or enlightenment. Knowledge and the power that comes with it must be contained (the two Isa Runes) so that it can be used properly. This force of creation that is the sexual energy must also be channeled through proper use or it can cause the destruction of the family or Folk.

  Othala: Othala is an Ingwaz Rune balance on the point of expansion of another Kenaz aimed downward. Othala represents the genetic link of the ancestral stream of the family and the Folk. Here we see the same principle of sexual energy that we reviewed with Ingwaz, but this force of gestation and sudden released is balanced on the force of downward movement through our past. We need to reach back through the ancestral stream, our genetic heritage, to bring force great power for survival.

  The Rune, Elhaz Z and Tiwaz t, are Runes of fornication and reproduction, the sexual act copulation. Tiwaz is the erect penis (a Isa staff) entering the vagina (represented as Kenaz). What is interesting is that the male testicles, which provide sperm for the penis to release into the womb, is cooler than the rest of the human body. The lower temperature is needed to manufacture sperm. The male penis is represented by Isa, symbolic of ice.

  It is the sexual act between a man and a woman. Tiwaz represents the God Tyr, who was willing to sacrifice his hand to fetter Fenrir, the wolf representing chaos. He symbolizes the masculine will to control one’s sex drive and never permit the sexual urge to control his actions. If he fails to maintain control, he becomes a rapist and will engage in sexual activities that are detrimental to the advancement of the family and the Folk.


  The completed act of copulation if represented by Elhaz. In sexual magick, the man and woman reach an ecstatic state that is believe to be a plain of existence of higher consciousness where the Gods dwell (Asgard and Vanaheim). Thus, the sexual act between a man and woman, is symbolic of the Valkyrie, who is the messenger of the Gods (both Odin and Freyja–male and female). One is able to communicate with the Gods through Elhaz. 

  For a man and woman to achieve the highest expression of the ecstatic state of higher consciousness, they both need to achieve a state of perfect balance of their male and female inner parts. This will create a psyche that is completely at ease with a member of the opposite sex and thus willing to one complete to the other partner in the sexual act. It is this mental state of total giving and lack of selfishness that creates a perfect sexual union that permits the spirit to join in the archetype of the original God, Buri, who was androgynous, containing both the Male-Force and Female-Form within itself.

  Gebo is another Rune dealing with sexual energy. Its meaning is the exchanging of gifts. What greater gifts to exchange between a man and a woman then sexual union? Gebo is actually four Kenaz Runes and represents the unleashing of runic energy in all directions from the act of sexual union. This energy is Vril-powered Love-Force that is the essence of Balder Rising within one. The opposite of this runic configuration is Ingwaz, Four Kenaz Runes facing each other, and thus fusing the sexual runic energy inward for incubation and gestation.

  Four Kenaz Runes draws the two individuals to each other according to the laws of sexual attraction. The romance begins and a relationship develops, culminating in the sex act of fornication. Sexual energy is released. When this is performed in magical ritual, the man and woman develop a deep and personal relationship of trust through the development of the state of Mannaz (perfected human) within each other. When they then perform fornication, they reach a state of the highest level of consciousness together and thus enter a Valkyrian State of Consciousness with the ability to communicate with the Gods.