Runic Physics

Behind the Birth of Ymir

  During the creative process of Ginnungagap, there were process at work: the expansive force of fire out of Musspellheim, represented by Fehu (F), and the force of contraction of the ice out of Niflheim, represented by the rune Isa (l). Fehu represents the masculine power of Force, while Isa represents the feminine power of Form. Isa, which represents the concentration of energies at a single point, pulls in the expansive force of Fehu like a black hole pulling into itself external forces. But this whirling contraction of forces is not the same as the whirling power of Jera (J), which is an upward spinal force of evolution. This force of concentration is self-impregnation, transforming both fire and ice into a unified power, feeding on itself, growing in strength that eventually needs to be release. (Figure 1)

  Within this zero-point transforms the power of Fehu by the power of Isa until Fehu’s shape is shifted into a bindrune that is actually a synthesis of the runic energies of Isa (l) and Kenaz (K). We can see in this bindrune the expansive fiery power of Fehu being transformed into a controlled fire by the transformation of its energies that is undertaken when the lower arm of Fehu is reversed into itself until the two arms form a Kenaz Rune (K) joined to an Isa Rune (l). (Figure 2). This runic formula represents the uncontrolled fire runic energy slowly being transformed into a controlled fiery energy to be used for creation. The runic energy of Isa, which is a controlling power, plays of the fiery power of Fehu, and uses it to forge a new reality, much as the forge of the blacksmith is used to transform base metals into valuable objects. This is the power of Kenaz.

  Now, if we were to double the bindrune according to the principle of Force (male) and Form (Female), which is the underlying generative principle of the universe, we can then speculate that two bnidrunes are formed, but one forward facing and the other reverse facing, creating a positive-negative polarity and thus a magnetic factor which is a universal principle in the physical universe. (Figure 3).

 The union of these two reversed forces, one positive and the other negative, which are ruled by the forces of opposites attracting, and thus is the formation of an alternative runic symbol for Hagalaz. (Figure 4).

  Hagalaz (H) is the runic force of evolution, represented by the esoteric force of hail. Hail is directed, sending power of ice, related to Isa (l) much in the same way that Kenaz (K) is related to Fehu (F). Just as Kenaz takes the power of fire and directs in an controlled process of transformation, so too does Hagalaz that the icy power of Isa and sends it in a controlled process of creation. What is interesting is that both the controlling and creative process of the runic fiery energy of Kenaz and the runic icy energy of Hagalaz is based on the principle of destruction before creation. Hail crashes to earth, destroying everything before its icy form melts into life-giving water that fertilizes the earth, giving it the power for new life. This is similar to the blacksmith placing base metal into the fires of his forge and melting the metal before h can shape and form it into a new creation.

  This is the underlining principle of evolution—before new life can be created, the old must die. Thus we see the runic principle of evolution which can be formed by two uniting two Kenaz Runes (K), around a central point representing Isa (l), expelling energy outward in all directions that can be visualized by the alternative Hagalaz form. (Figure 5).

  We can see in this process symbolized within the alternative symbol for Hagalaz. If we break it down, we actually have four Kenaz Runes expanding outward in all direction. It is the principle of expanding force in all directions that is behind Hagalaz’s power of initiating evolutionary change through the destruction of the old patterns and thus, fertilizing that which has been laid waste with regenerating forces that create new patterns of growth and evolution, symbolized by the melting water from hail. (Figure 6).

  Fehu fiery energy is drawn into the zero-point and then released in all direction as controlled, creative powers by the principle of Isa-Hagalaz. This leads us to the runic principle behind the birth of Ymir.

  Ymir was the first life-formed, created by the runic principle of fire (Fehu) (F) and ice (Isa) (l). Ymir is the personification of Chaos. Within Ymir is the union of fire, masculine Force, and ice, feminine Form. But this principle is uncontrolled and thus chaotic. Ymir represents Vril energy, which fills the universe, created by the process we have just examined. The very name VRIL written in runic form (FRlL) is a formula for creation of Vril. The first letter, V is represented by the V-sound of the Rune Fehu (F), fire. The second letter R, is represented by the Rune, Raidho, the correct road of transform (evolution) traveled, meaning fire is sent through the proper evolutionary process of transformation.

  This transformation is caused by the pulling power of the runic symbol of Isa (l) representing the third letter of the word, Vril, I. The forth letter, L, is represented by Laguz (L) which is water, and water is symbolic of Vril, the Life Force, which Laguz represents. (Figure 7).

  Within the entity known as Ymir, we have the created, controlled fiery power of Kenaz (K) pulled by the icy power of Isa (l). This syntheses gives birth to Ymir, personified by a reversed Thurisaz. (Figure 8). Thurisaz has two meanings: in its forward facing form it represents Thor, the God who keeps the forces of chaos, represented by the Giants, under control, and in the reverse facing form, the Giants themselves.

  These two opposing force, Order (the Gods) and Chaos (the Giants or Ymir) are at odds with each other, representing the opposite force of matter and anti-matter and the magnetic forces of positive and negative principles. Since Ymir is the original Giant, who gave birth to the races of Giants, in this case, the reverse facing Thurisaz represents Ymir (Figure 9).

  If we were to create a bindrune from a forward facing Thurisaz (T) and a reverse facing Thurisaz, were would have a bindrune that would actually be a variation of Jera (J) found in the Anglo-Saxon Futhark. Jera is not just a spinning Rune. Many compare it to the Chinese Ying and Yang, but Jera is a whirling Rune like the blades of a helicopter, its whirling action propels it upward. Thus, Jera is an evolutionary force of upward progress, or downward if it is reversed (Figure 10).

  Now, if we take the two Thurisaz Runes, and instead of placing them facing away from each, place them so that they face each other, we create a variation of another Rune–Dagaz (D) (Figure 11).

 Dagaz represents controlled fire for enlightenment or spiritual transformation and the release of great power. It is esoterically translated as day or daylight, and this stands for the rising of the sun in the morning that brings warmth and light to the world. Thus, the power of the sun is release for our use.

  The bindrune created by two facing Thursiaz Runes can be broken down in several ways to understand the esoteric power of the runic energies of this bindrune. If we examine the runic symbols in figure 12, we see symbol A as the two Thurisaz Runes facing each other. Symbol B is the Rune Dagaz (D) squeezed between two Isa Runes (l). We use Isa as a force for and containment, as well as compression. Dagaz is contained with the two Isa Runes. In symbol C, a variation of this process is two Kenaz Runes place between the two Isa Runes. Here we have fire and energy controlled and compressed (Figure 12).

   Thus, we can see how both the Giants (reversed facing Thurisaz) and forward facing Thursaz (Thor) represent the containment, and potential release of enormous amounts of power and energy. Here, we are threading on the principles of matter and anti-matter. It is this great explosive fusion that resulted in the release of the energy of creation that is responsible for the birth of Ymir.