The Runic Principle

Behind Ginnungagap & Yggdrasil

  In the realm of modern science physicists ponder the question: What existed before the Big Bang? But in the Norse world view, the universe was not created from nothing, but from a state of existence where the universe was still unformed. We can hypothesize that this state of existence within the Norse world view, the pre-Big Bang reality, is referred to as Ginnungagap.

  Ginnungagap existed long before Yggdrasill existed, before the existence of the Giants, the Gods and even the nine worlds—well, this is, seven of the nine worlds. Two of the worlds that make up the Yggdrasill, Musspellheim and Niflheim, the realms of fire and Ice, existed when the universe was pre-formed. We can refer to this state as the pre-universe.

  The realm of fire, Musspellheim, can be compared with the masculine power of Force, while the icy realm of Niflheim is the feminine power of Form. These two realms represent the negative and positive polarities of the magnet, thus they represent the mysterious force of gravity. The Rune representing Niflheim is Isa, while the Rune for Musspellheim is Fehu. If we look at the two Runes, we can visualize Isa, in this case representing the feminine principle of Form, as the slit of the female vagina, while the two arms of Fehu represent the erect penis.

  In the process played out in the formation of the universe, the fiery sparks of Musspellheim flew out of the realm of fire in the southern most part of Ginnungagap, and mixed with the icy yeast flowing out of Niflheim in the north, just as the male sperm enters the female fallopian tube to impregnate the ovary. Since Niflehim is the northern polarity and Mussppellheim is the southern polarity, we can see the principle of opposites attracting in the magnetic attraction. The Fiery Force flies north and impregnates the icy Form of the Northern end of Ginnungagap, causing the ice to melt and form a flow of water.

  If we create a bindrune from Fehu (Male/Force) impregnating Isa (Female/Form) we discover we have a bindrune that looks remarkably like the rune Hagalaz. Hagalaz is the force of hail, which is ice that is being sent with a sending-force that destroys everything that existed before, then melts into water and refertilizes everything so that new life can grow.

  This Hagalaz principle is the process behind evolution. The combination of Fehu and Isa, fire melting ice, cause ice to be transformed into water.

  This is represented by the Rune Laguz. Ice (Isa) represents Vril in a pre-Life Force state, before it had the power to create, while the melting ice, forming water, (Laguz) represents Vril as the Life Force with the power to create, because within Vril is the universal power of Male/Female copulation, which is the generative power of creation. If we look at the shape of Laguz, we can see Isa melting. The arm of Laguz, which is pointing downward, is the melt off water from the melting ice.

  This principle of melting ice is very important within the Norse cosmology of creation. Since Niflheim represents the Feminine power of Form, from which new life is born, we can notice that out of Niflheim is born the first God, Borr. Fehu, as Audhumla, is the heating action of the creative force of sexual combustion and the heat within the human body, especially the female womb.

  Borr is neither male or female, but androgynous, encompassing both principles of Force and Form. He is represented by the Rune Gebo, the joining of Male and Female. Buri gives birth to Borr, a son, who takes Bestla, a Giantess, as his wife and they have three sons, Odin, Vili and Ve. Odin, Vili and Ve represents the trinity or triangle, the most stable geometric form. An interesting point is the 3 x 3 = 9 ( x 9 = 81. If we break down 81 into 8 + 1, this adds up to 9).

  Buri is born from Ice as a result of the nurturing power of Vril, represented by the bovine, Audhumla, who is represented by the Rune Fehu. Fehu represents cattle, which is a nurturing element on which Ymir suckles and from which, through Audhumla’s licking the yeast from the ice of Niflheim, Buri is also born from the ice. Buri rising out of ice as a result of the licking power of Audhumla is representative of Buri gestating within the female womb and eventually being born, which is indicative of the Female power of Form.

  Within Buri, we have the union of the masculine and feminine principles in the form of the Perfected Human of higher consciousness (higher evolution) which is represented by Mannaz.

 This is interesting because Mannaz is a Rune that incorporates Ehwaz, the rune of spiritual journey (one rides Sleipnir to obtain higher consciousness) and Gebo, the Rune of Buri Thus, Mannaz is the Rune of the human being that has reached the Perfected Status of Buri. And within Mannaz is the Rune of Enlightenment, Dagaz, which is the state of awareness when one reaches the higher evolutionary state of Perfection.

  The melting waters of Ice flows, causing pre-Vril to turn into Vril, the Life Force, which then causes Audhumla, the nurturing principle to cause Buri to be born. He we see the life-giving power of Vril, once it is unleashed from its pre-Vrilic state, causing life to form within the Female principle of Form in Niflheim. The flowing water flow out of the well that is found within Niflehim, Hvergelmir.

  It is interesting that Hvergelmir, which is one of three wells, each feeding one of the three roots of Yggdrasill, is the only well that can be found within one of the two pre-Yggdrasill or creation event. This realm is Niflheim, unlike the other two realms where the realm of Urd is found in Asgard (Order) and the Well of Mimir is found in Jotuheim (Chaos). Hvergelmir is the Well of Creation. From it flows the eternal currents of Vril energy. While Laguz represents pre- Life Force Vril becoming currents of energy, the Rune Elhaz represents Vril as the Life Force itself, which can be utilized by man to awaken the Gods within us.

  In Elhaz we can see the male penis penetrating the female womb. Here, were have Isa, representing not the female Form, but the male Force as the erect penis, while the fiery Rune of Kenaz represents the female Form. This is the reversal of Fehu and Isa, but then, this reversal is consistent with the androgynous principle of opposites creating perfection, which is within the runic energies of both Gebo and Mannaz.

  If we examine Isa and Kenaz, we can equate Isa as a piece of iron placed within the smithfire of the blacksmith (Kenaz representing controlled fire of the blacksmith furnace, and the Rune of Creation out of fire) to give it new power, shape and form, even being transformed into a superior element, steel. We can see this principle within Elhaz, the Life Force and the Valkyrie, which is the female element that permits spiritual evolution and the union of humans with the Gods of Asgard.

  The process is the power harnessing process within the runic symbol of the Helm of Awe, which is eight Elhaz Runes in its simplistic form.

  At the same time, another life-forming creation has taken place, even before the creation of Borr. This is the first Giant known as Ymir. Ymir represents the formation of Vrilic energy into an uncontrolled form lacking order, and thus the principle of Chaos. This principle is the first principle of nature. All things eventually breakdown and decay unless it is maintain and re-nourished. We can see this in the many ghost towns in the western United States. If we do not constantly maintain the upkeep of something, nature will claim it and it will eventually decay and disintegrate.

  This happens when life is extinguished in organic material. We can see this principle of Isa and Kenaz within Ymir. Ymir, being a Giant or thurs, is represented by the Rune Thurisaz, or Thurisaz reversed (pointing in the opposite direction) as opposed to inverted (upside down).

  The principle behind Thurisaz and the duality in its nature, one being the chaotic force of Ymir and the other being the order restore force of Thor, is similar to the Perfected state that Mannaz represents, but not exactly. If we take Thurisaz and the reversed Thurisaz and combined them, we have a bindrune similar to Mannaz, but something is askew. It looks like Mannaz, but the Dagaz principle of enlightenment within Mannaz seems to have slipped, thus causing imperfection. While Mannaz represents the Perfected Human, this bindrune, which personifies the chaotic element of Ymir, represents the Imperfected Human, a create dedicated to Chaos and is aligned with the Giants instead of the Gods.

  We take a closer look at this Imperected Human Rune, which represents Ymir as Chaos, we can see that it is made up of two Kenaz Runes pointing away from each other. Thus we have creative fire expanding in all direction, which will eventually permit the Perfected Human to achieve universal understanding and a God-like state. When we apply two Isa Runes to help contain or control this knowledge, which represents the levelheadedness needed to know how to properly use such knowledge, for knowledge is power, we have the Rune Dagaz.

  We can also see the principle of Thurisaz within the multiple qualities of Elhaz. If we take the Kenaz runic shape that is part of Elhaz, and move it around to the side of the axis we have the Rune Thurisaz. Thurisaz represents Thor’s hammer, Mjollnir, the force that breaks resistence and controls Chaos. This force permits the evolution of the individual toward higher consciousness (Asgard), by breaking resistence within one’s life, which would be chaotic influences.

1.) We can see Elhaz as the force toward higher evolution, higher consciousness, which permits communication and union with the Gods of Asgard.

2.) If we take Elhaz’s two components apart, separating Kenaz from Isa, and then

3.) rearrangement into Thurisaz, we can understand that the runic energies of Thurisaz, representing the breaking of resistance power of Thor’s hammer, will prevent Chaos, the Giants, from causing barriers to form that will impend your evolution toward higher consciousness and thus, reaching Asgard.

4.) But if we reverse this principle, instead of Thor’s hammer, we have the chaotic forces of the Giants, thurs principle of Thurisaz,

5.) when rearranged back into an Elhaz,

6.) it will create a inverted Elhaz, which looks like the roots of a tree, which exist beneath the surface, in darkness and which represents lower consciousness.

But the union of the Elhaz and the inverted Elhaz will form the entire Yggdrasill. It is the Yggdrasill that was formed from Ginnungagap.