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Asatru Land Fund

Balder Rising has been holding regular meetings and classes teaching Vrilology (Galdor and Seither) since November 2004. In 2005 the State of New Jersey granted us the legal status of “church”. One of our members has allowed us the use of his property near Newton, New Jersey for our activities and as a mail drop. In the last four years we have constructed two Rune Circles and a Hof on the property, where we hold ceremonies year round. Our ceremonies there have been very successful, and the land is charged with the spirit of the Landvittir.

Our goal is an independent and thriving Folk community on land where members can live permanently. Meanwhile we want to continue regular classes teaching Vrilology. Thereforewe have drawn up a program of growth and expansion:

1) We want to find a permanent place for Vrilology classes in a central location in Northern New Jersey. We need money to purchase a trailer and place it on a lot in the Morris Plains-Little Falls region. By conducting our meditation and Rune chanting at a permanent location, runic energy is built up and increases our supply of Luck (Megin).

2) There is plenty of good land at reasonable prices in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is an ideal location because its laws respect the value of our independent-minded nation to live free from government interference. The Pennsylvania Dutch (Deutsch) is a strong Germanic culture that can trace its roots back before the American Revolution, and has shaped the soul of the land. We believe it is an ideal location for our first Folk community.

We plan to purchase at least 24, perhaps as much as 100 acres. The land should have some open space for building permanent residences, running water, and some hills and wooded landscape for ceremonies.

3) The next step is to build a Hof. It should be a permanent structure about 30 feet by 100 feet. In front of the Hof we will raise an Irmansul about 100 feet high.

4) Around these structures members of Balder Rising will be permitted to place trailers for part-time residences. Later these will be replaced by permanent homes. We hope to attract members, especially families, as well as people with craft-skills, to live and work in our community.

5) In the center of the community we will build a school, a headquarters, the Kenaz Institute of New Technology (to explore ways to harness Vril energy and other sources of power), and other facilities that will become necessary as the community grows. We also hope our members will locate any businesses they might start here, and provide jobs for other members of the community.

6) We will also need land to grow our own food.

  The goal is a Folk community as free and independent from the prevailing establishment infrastructure as possible, so we can live our lives in accordance with the values and customs of Odinism/Asatruism. If you would like to help us to make this program a reality, please send your donation for the Balder Rising A.L.F. to:

Balder Rising
58 Plotts Rd.
Newton, NJ 07860

or you may donate from your own PayPal account or a credit card via the following button:

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If you use PayPal for this, please also e-mail to say you’re earmarking the donation for ALF rather than the Church of Balder Rising’s general fund.