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  There was a period of all sorts of changes in my life. In 1977 I had completed my Masters in history and was just getting interested in politics, when I underwent an epiphany upon reading Tolkien’s books The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I had been working on my own book, The New Earth Odyssey, which took nine years to complete, and which eventually sent me in another direction as author. Then in 1984 my friend Robert Zoller asked me to join his Norse study group. While I had an interest in mythology and folklore, it had always been just of academic nature. I agreed to join Zoller’s group out of scholarly interest, but it would soon result in another epiphany.
  Zoller was an astrologer with a growing world reputation. He had joined Edred Thorsson’s Rune Gild, and it was Thorsson’s teachings that our little group revolved around. We met every other Friday night, studying the Eddas and the Runes, meditating and chanting, practicing Galdor and Seither magic. We began by Zoller’s giving each member of the group a copy of Thorsson’s book The Futhark, A Handbook of Rune Magick. I felt a curious pull by the book when Zoller placed it in my hand. I took it home and devoured it.
  Within the first year of our regular meetings, I discovered that I had certain psychic abilities. I had suspected this when I experienced a visit from my father earlier that year. This might not seem unusual, except he had been dead for seven years. He visited me in broad daylight and spoke to me, telling me that I would soon experience major changes in my life. I did not understand everything he told me at the time, but now looking back, I realize the significance of the things he told me. I realize that the years spent in futile politics were like the hero’s entering a dark realm in which the old self must die so that his soul could undergo a deep spiritual transformation — like Gandolf the Grey, who died in Moria only to be reborn as Gandolf the White. People who have had such experiences will understand.
  The next four years were a time of great spiritual transformation for me. In 1985, the first year of my participation in Zoller’s group, I experienced a terrible nightmare. On March 15th — the Ides of March — I dreamed I was devoured by a Great White Shark. I woke up screaming bloody murder. Shortly thereafter I experienced my first visitation by a deity. We had dedicated our meetings to Freyja because they took place on her day, Friday. While I was in a trance, Freyja appeared to me. She told me that I was her son, that Odin was calling me to follow him, and that eventually he would appear to me to ask directly if I would. She told me that if I answered his call, she would choose me to spend the afterlife with her in Sessrumnir. A month later I experienced another visitation while in a trance. This time I found myself before Odin. He asked me what my answer was to the question Freyja had relayed, and I said, “Yes.” He then impaled me on his spear, right through the solar plexus.

  I was crossing Park Ave one night in March of 1986 when I was hit by a van and thrown 15 feet. Amazingly I got up and walked away from the accident with only a few scratches. Only later did I realize that it was March 15, exactly one year from the terrible dream I had with the shark. Omen? Perhaps. I did read that when we are born each of us is assigned a Norn who governs our life, and that if we ever saw our Norn, it would be in the form of a terrible beast, and the vision would mean we were going to die. What the shark in my dream my Norn? Was she telling me I was going to die? Did I survive the auto accident because I dedicated my life to Odin, and he prevented me from dying? Coincidence?

  Finally I was visited by a third God: Balder. He did not appear while I was in a trance but in the middle of the night. I was sleeping and woke up because my bedroom was filled with light. I realized the light was emanating from the foot of my bed. It was then I saw Balder standing there wrapped in a red funeral shroud. He told me that Odin spoke three Runes into his ear when he laid on his funeral pyre. They were Dagaz, Nauthiz, and Ansuz. He told me that when I understood the meaning of the three Runes, I would be ready to publicly work for the advancement of Germanic heathenism. It took me many years to realize the significance of the three Runes: DNA. Balder was letting me know that the Gods dwell within us — within our DNA, our genes, within every atom in our bodies — and they were only sleeping, waiting for us to awaken them. From these experiences I slowly began to understand the importance of Balder in relationship to the return of the Gods, their Life Force — Vril — and Germanic magic as an instrument to be used to awaken them from their long slumber.

  When Zoller’s group dissolved in 1988, I was not fully committed to Odin. I continued to study Germanic Myths and Lore and to practice Rune magic and Seither, but privately. For the next 16 years, I was actively involved in politics while secretly practicing Odinism. In 2000 I became sick and tired of politics and began devoting my full time to Odin. In May of 2004 I published my first book on Odinism, The Book of Balder Rising. That October I went to dinner with some old friends and told them of my book. Everyone was interested and wanted to learn more. We had our first meeting in November to discuss the possibility of holding regular classes on Germanic Myths and Germanic Magic. Our first formal meeting was held on December 12, 2004, on Yule. Soon we were meeting every two weeks. I now was conducting the very classes that Zoller held from 1984 to 1988. By the summer of 2005 everyone wanted to formalize the group. When we applied for official recognition from the state of New Jersey, we decided to call it The Church of Vrilology. The church grew rapidly but there were bumps along the way. Eventually we felt that we should emphasize the importance of Balder and returned to the original name: the Folk Faith of Balder Rising.

  TFFOBR has been in existence for 15 years. It has undergone many transformations, but through it all we have remained true to our original purpose: to encourage the study of Germanic Myth and Germanic Magic. In 2013 I retired from my job and made plans to move out of New York. I had many visions then of the political chaos that would wreak havoc in America today, and my visions were confirmed by Robert Zoller through astrology. Zoller, who died on January 24, 2020, was a world renowned astrologer. I remember his warning me in 2000 of an impending horrendous terrorist attack that would occur between August 15 and September 15, 2001 somewhere between Washington D.C. and Boston. He said the center would mostly be in New York City. A year later the Islamic terrorists hijacked flights from Boston to attack New York City and Washington D.C., with the center being the World Trade center in lower Manhattan.

  On retirement I decided to move to Pennsylvania, eventually purchasing a plot of 39.13 acres. I thought the number was significant: 3×3=9 and 3×1=3. I pledged I would raise a Great Hall to Odin on the property, and immediately began construction. It has taken five years and the Great Hall is almost complete, but the cost was a great deal more than I anticipated and we have already spent $22,000. We still have a great deal to do, completing the inside and working on the landscape around it to make it presentable for Balder Rising and other heathen groups to use it. I and members of Balder Rising have donated a great deal of the money, but we have bills to pay for the work that has so far been done, and will need additional funds to complete the hall.

  On our property is a large pond fed by a spring. (Check out the photos.) In the center of the pond is a large rock that protrudes from the surface when the pond is filled. When the water levels go down, usually in the summer, the pond shrinks to one third its size and you can walk to the rock. The grass that is exposed then is on 40 years of silt we want to clear the pond of. The pond has been named Mimir’s Spring, and I carved and painted the face of Mimir on the rock. We discovered a formation on the side of the rock that actually looks like an eye (the eye of Odin). It can only be seen when the water levels are down. We want to create a huge stone circle and an actual well where the water flows into the pond.

  Every year I have a blot to Mimir at the pond: a ritualistic duplication of Odin’s drinking from Mimir’s Spring. Instead of plucking out an eye, throwing it into the pond, and then drinking from the water, I drink from a horn of mead, pour the rest into the pond, and then throw a quarter, symbolizing my eye, into the pond. I want to construct a site along the banks with a stone altar where people can take part in this ritual, asking Mimir to bestow on us the wisdom and knowledge of his spring.

  The property includes a well running into Mimir’s Spring, and I want to turn it into Urd’s Well where we can perform a ritual to the Norns. Another well is located by the river that borders the property and flows down the long gorge that descends down to the river. I refer to this well as Hvergilmir. We want to fix this site up as well. We want to make a Mimirheim available to all heathen groups in the area.
  We have a lot of work to do and it is going to cost us. I hope you will be generous and donate to our fund raiser.

  The goal is a Folk community as free and independent from the prevailing establishment infrastructure as possible, so we can live our lives in accordance with the values and customs of Odinism/Asatruism. If you would like to help us to make this program a reality, please send your donation for the Balder Rising A.L.F. to:

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