Asatru divides the year into eight days that are considered holy. These are not the only days that should be observed, but they are eight days that divide the year into eight even parts in which powerful natural forces coalesce to perform magick. They should be taken into consideration when you desire to perform a ritual for a specific purpose. But it is also wise to celebrate these days so as to keep yourself align with the natural cycle of nature

  The are associated Runes with each day, as well as Gods. The Church of Vrilology provides ceremonies to be performed on each day so as to create a uniformity throughout the Church. This does not mean individuals cannot perform their own individualized ceremony, but by maintaining a uniformity for all kindred or congregations to perform on the same day, the power of manifestation is increased.

  The more individuals that attend a ceremony the greater is the power generated by the ceremony. Therefore, if a hundred of the same ceremony are performed on the same day for the same purpose, with 10 people attending each ceremony, it is the same as if there were one ceremony with 1,000 people attending. The Church of Vrilology encourages individual expression, but like everything else, there must be balance. And in this case, you are balancing the individual with the Folk Community. When kindreds come together on a day, the members are doing so, not as individuals expressing their own individual spirituality, but as members of a Folk, collectively seeking to enhance the power of Othala

  Additional holidays that we celebrate are Thanksgiving in November, as well as a Life-mas on Sundays, Balder’s day. each family should also hold as small ritual of thanks to Odin on Wednesdays and the same ritual to Thor on Thursday. In ancient times. Wednesday and Thursday were sacred days, but because the work week has been designed along Christian considerations, we cannot give the proper hallowing of these two weekdays. Thus, we suggest that each member of the Church of vrilology and all other practitioners of Asatru, hold these days sacred in their own way. If you are married and have children, the father should lead his family is a short ritual of giving thanks to Odin and Thor and take the opportunity to teach their children something about the Lore.