Indeed do many strange things come to pass. Sometimes we practice the magick, but other times the magick seems to practice us. How else would you describe an experience as reported in this e-mail?

To: Bob Blumetti
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2011 7:47 PM
Subject: an unusual experience

Dear Bob,
I trust everything is going well.
I ordered the YTP last week. I am looking forward to getting started. I have a recruit for a kindred once I can set one up.
I have had an unusual experience I’d like to get your opinion on. For some time I have been doing meditations, rune chanting, meditating on the Gods. I noticed some time ago that I would occasionally see a flash of light out of the corner of my eye. Always the left eye. I assumed it was a trick of the light reflecting off my glasses and didn’t think much about it.
About 5 days ago I got up in the middle of the night. Had no lights on and saw the flash of light about 3 feet to my left. It looked similar to a candle.
On Wed. night I was outside about 9:30 or 10 pm. While looking across the street, I saw a yellow white light flashing, almost like a strobe light for about 10 seconds. This looked to be on my neighbors mailbox post. I thought at first I triggered some type of motion sensor, and thought a mailbox post was a very odd place for a security light. Also, the light was bright, yet did not illuminate anything around it.
I know someone who is a Wiccan and she thinks something is trying to make contact with me, or get my attention. Although she does admit she never heard of anything like this.
What do you think?


  Theory would say that an attempt to communicate via the left eye would be directed at the right side of the recipient’s brain. It is more often the left eye of Odin that is conceived as drawing from Mimir’s well. Someone might make something of the fact that the most striking of these light flashes occurred on the night of Woden’s Day. Its apparent origin on the post of a mail box does seem to reinforce the message that it does indeed represent a communication. What can we suggest but that Jack “stay tuned”?

  Vril Lord Bob had an interesting apparent light manifestation too when he looked at photos from an event we attended recently. You can see the pictures among those here. Examined closely, the one at bottom left below revealed, as blown up at top left, some sort of medallion-like object like a clasp to close Bob’s ceremonial cloak. However, Bob has no such circular object, much less did he wear one that night, and it does not show up in the photo or blow-up to the right, taken at approximately the same time.

  It does not form a circle on the image as one might expect from a photographic artifact, but instead has at least approximately the shape one would expect in perspective from a circular object facing the same way as the cloak to which it seems to be attached. And in the companion photograph that has no such object, it appears the sides of his robe have separated, as if it was holding them together in the other photo.

Bob observed: “The medallion appears to have some kind of rune circle on it and is luminous.” Our host Bill McNamara responded:

Throughout my Asatru, and then Theodish career, there have been many photographic discrepancies of this kind. There are many ways they can be explained.
First, there is always the “logical” and “scientific” explanations which could range from a reflection to a trick of the camera lens.
Then there is the metaphysical, wherein one could say that this was a land wight or some type of mystical emanation from Bob.
For my part, I will say that I have only seen these discrepancies during weoh “holy” work, and since we do regularly gift our wights and do honor to our gods and ancestors in worship, I choose to believe that this is a flash of visible proof that the ancestors and landwights are in attendance and awakened from our diligent observances.
Realistically, no explanation we can give can be proven or disproven, so I believe it is a matter of faith. When you add to that faith the sure knowledge that our focus determines our reality, I believe that faith is a self perpetuating truth.
Hail the Gods, Ancestors, and Land Wights!
Hail the folk who honor them faithfully!

In Troth,

Our own Vril Lord Will deVito shared an experience wherein a little birdie appeared to tell him something:

Sent: Monday, February 14, 2011 3:28 PM
Subject: Huginn story

I was shopping for my fathers b’day, and I pulled into a parking lot of a store. My truck is large and my window is level with the roof of regular cars. As I began to get out, a raven swooped down, and landed on the roof of the car next to me. I got out of my truck, closed the door, and the bird was not afraid, he was just kinda lookin’ at me. I looked back, and edged closer, but still he wasn’t afraid.
As an Odinsman, I decided to test the waters, so I yelled to him, “Muninn,” and he hopped backwards. So I then yelled, “Huginn,” and he hopped forwards, closer to me. At this point he was about a foot from my face. I decided I had enough, and went shopping.
As I walked away, he flew into a nearby tree. After I was done in the store, and leaving, I walked back to my truck, and noticed him sitting in the tree still. I entered my truck, rolled down the window, and to my surprise, he swooped down, eye level with me again.
Just then, a woman and her child came out of the store, and asked me if that was my bird, ’cause it was on her car. Just as she said that, he flew off her car, and onto another a few spots away. I decided to go park next to him, and roll down the window again, and we just kinda stared at each other.
He then got really close, and looked at me again, but let me get sooo close I could see the pupils behind his black eyes. He then flew away, and landed back into the same tree. I’m trying to figure out why Huginn (thought) came to visit me, rather than Muninn (memory).