Rune Circle


  Use a ritual Thor’s hammer to perform this exercise. Start out by performing the Hammer Rite, hollowing the space by performing 6 directions invocation: north, east, south, west plus above and below. Then, beginning with Fehu, and recite the entire Futhark as you turn, pointing to each Rune as you say its name.

1.) After you return to Fehu, begin again, by chanting the rune Fehu, in the low, drawn-out chant nine times. As you do, visualize the creative energy of the Kundalini fire.

2.) Then turn 180 degrees and face Eihwaz and do the same, chant Eihwaz nine times and visualize the Kundalini fire rise up the axis of the Yggdrasill from Midgard (the point at which you are standing) and then back down, passing through Midgard to the realms below, reaching the furthers point beneath and then back up to Midgard again.

3.) Then turn toward Gebo and do the same, chanting it nine times and visualize the formation of a bond between yourself and the Gods, making an oath to work for their resurrection in exchange for their assistance in this world.

4.) Then turn 180 degrees and face Ehwaz, the Rune for harmonious dual team and spiritual journey. As you chant Ehwaz, visualize a journey on horse back along the path of higher consciousness.

5.) Next turn to Ansuz, the Rune of ecstatic power through communication and wisdom. Visualize a connection or channel to the wisdom that Odin has to teach you.

6.) Then turn 180 degrees to Sowilo, the Sun Rune and the Rune of Balder Risen. As you chant Sowilo nine times, visualize Balder risen from Hel and heralding in the Golden Age of Gimli.

7.) Next turn toward Nauthiz, and chant this Rune nine times. As you do, visualize the need fires charging you with the need to continue with you life’s work.

8.) When you are done, turn 180 degrees to Ingwaz, the male fertility force to manifest a new folk community in Midgard.

 See this eight-point runic exercise as an eight-point Hagalaz Rune shape that is manifesting the power to destroy the old self, or mundane existence before you began your journey across the rainbow bridge so that the new self can be born—devolution before evolution.

9.) Then turn back to Fehu, and once again chant this Rune nine times, but as you do, visualize its energy being sent into Midgard to manifest the necessary wealth, tools and luck needed to manifest the reality of Gimli in Midgard.

10.) After chanting Fehu nine times, turn toward Hagalaz and visualize the formation of the perfect pattern for manifestation as all obstacles are cleared away.

11.) Then turn toward Tiwaz, and chant this Rune nine times, visualizing the formation of a balance social order and the spiritual willpower to make it happen.

12.) Finally, turn to Fehu one last time and chant it nine times, visualizing the force created by the harmonious union of the eight point runic formation and the three-point runic formation.

 Close the ritual with a thanking of the Gods for their assistance in your journey to higher consciousness, and ask them to give you the wisdom and strength to keep faithful to your goal.