Eir Healing Circle



  Since the formation of our Church there have been several requests by members for assistance in healing of loved ones. In 2006, Karl had come to one of our meetings and was impressed by what he witnessed. After the meeting, he told us of his girlfriend’s father, who was dying with cancer. He was hospitalized and told by his doctors that there was no hope for recovery. He asked if we could harness the power of the Runes and use them to heal him. Everyone was so moved by his request that we remained and perform a healing meditation and chant by using the Runes to harness Vril energy and instill it with heal properties and sent it toward his girlfriend’s father. Later that week, Vril Lord William DeVito met with Karl and his girlfriend and followed up with the healing meditation and chant twice within the next week. Within two weeks, Karl’s girlfriend’s father had a complete recovery, we released from the hospital and has been cancer free ever since.

  On another occasion, another member of our Church informed us that a friend of hers was also suffering from cancer. We once again performed a healing meditation and chant, with similar results.

  Vril Lord William DeVito has discovered that he was skilled in the healing arts and has taken a personal interest in helping others. he has honed his skills in healing, has demonstrated a mastery as a practitioner of Vrilology and has devoted himself unselfishly to the cause of proving assistance whenever someone has approached the Church with need of healing. Now, one of our newer members, Doctor Robert Goodman, who has a background in biology and medicine, has agreed with work with William in setting up EIR HEALING CIRCLE, dedicated to the Goddess of healing, Eir.


Dr. Robert Goodman holds a A.B in Chemistry from Columbia University, attended Chicago Medical School, passed National Board of Medical Examiners part 1, Has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from New York Medical College, post-doctoral fellow in Cancer Biology section of Radiology Dept., UMDNJ, 2 U.S. patents issued, and first to apply gel shift analysis to a protein-RNA intersection. He has agreed to devote his medical expertise in assisting DeVito in responding to all healing requests.

You can e-mail your request to the following e-mail address:  robgood3@bestweb.net

Once it is received you will receive an acknowledgement that it has been received. Dr. Goodman will then diagnose the medical condition and forward the information to Vril Lord DeVito who will proceed to formulate a runic chant and meditation. He will then send the information to all members of the healing circle. You can be assured that healing energy is being sent to you or the person whom you identified was in need in healing.


You may also send in your request by regular mail. Just write all the required information in your written request and send it to this address.

58 Plotts Rd.
Newton, NJ 07860

                     DESCRIBE YOU MEDICAL PROBLEM:

  You request for healing should include the following information:

1.) The full name, city and state where the subject of the healing lives.

2.) a brief description of the illness of medical problem.

    -keep it to a single paragraph.

3.) A description of the subject that should include age, gender

    (male or female)

4.) Race (Caucasian, Mongoloid, Negroid, etc . . )

5.) Size; (tall, middle or short in height)

6.) approximate weight or body frame.

7.) Occupation

8.) Ony interest in runes or Odinism in general;

9.) If the subject is someone other than yourself, explain your relationship;

10.) If you could provide a photograph or digital head shot, that would

     be extremely helpful.

“All request will be kept confidential.”


  The Eir Healing Circle is not interested in monitory gain from our healing services. But a sacrifice is required. This need for a sacrifice is rooted in the Havamal saying, “A gift Demands A Gift,” and the Runic principle that is the essence of Gebo calls for such an exchange of energies. In our modern secular society, money is the most common means of making a sacrifice.

Therefore, we request that you send the Eir Healing a monetary sacrifice of “$1.00

Please send cash because it is the most powerful medium, possessing energy that a check or money order does not possess.

You can simply rap the dollar bill in some paper, with your name and address on it, if you are e-mailing your request, and place it in an envelop and send it to our address.