Before the beginning of time, before the great convulsion that gave birth to the universe and the nine worlds, there was always, the All-Father. The oldest of the Gods is the All-Father, and he is the unseen and the uncreated. He existed from the beginning of time and has many names. He is the God without a name and possesses many names. He is sometimes known as the Lord of Hosts, Lord of the Spear, Smiter, All-knowing, Fulfiller of wishes, Farspoken, Shaker, Burner, destroyer, Protector and Gelding. This last name refers to the Yggdrasill, the World-Tree, which means Odin’s horse. Odin rides his horse, the World-Tree, which means he rides himself because Odin is the All-Father born in the guise of the father of the Gods. The All-Father was known by the most ancient of our people, the original Aryans before they separated into many different tribes. His memory lived on among the Greeks, who called him Ouranos - the God of the Sky, who came to his wife in the night, Mother Earth, and covered her entirely, causing his son, Kronos to thrust free. And with his left-hand Kronos took a huge sickle and cut off Ouranus’ manhood, casting it behind his back. This is not unlike the evolution in the Norse religion where the All-Father is born as Buri, an androgynous entity, who gave life to Bor. Bor took a giantess as a wife (Mother Earth) and gave birth to Odin, Vili and Ve. These are just a few of the names he is known as.

The All-Father lived before the universe existed and before time. He rules all the universe and the nine worlds in it, and he rules with absolute power. The universe came into being though the explosive force of the power of his will. He has power over it and the nine worlds, and all things, great and small.

All men who live a life of decency and right will be with him in that place called Gimli or Vingolf, but the wicked shall not know him. They shall exist in the world of the dead known as Hel, and from there to Niflheim, which is indeed in the depths of the universe, lowest of the nine worlds. His Life-Force is the sum total of the Gods and Goddesses. The All-Father is supreme universal force that gave birth to Odin and once again as Balder. He is the sum total of the entire Aesir and the Vanir, and truly all the Gods and Goddesses of all the old faiths of our ancestors. He was born in the divine trinity as Odin, Vili and Ve. The All-Father is a force that is constantly evolving. He is constantly changing form into new manifestations - Buri - Bor - Odin, Vili and Ve -Balder.

Our fore bearers, the original inhabitants of Europe, considered him the divine and associated him with the sky. In their original tongue he was known as Djevs. As they spread out across the face of the earth. The original speech divided into many variations. He took many names - Dyaus in India, Zeus in Greece, Ju (piter) in Rome and Tiwaz among the Goths. He might also have been called Deivos (divine) in the original tongue. In Rome he was also referred to as Divis (divine) or Divum (sky), and in Lithuania as Devas (sky-God). The All-father has always been known among our people as a sky-God. The sky is not just the atmosphere above us, but the entire universe.



In the beginning there was nothing but chaos, darkness and confusion that filled a gigantic cleft, an abyss. It was so vast that it dimensions were beyond the comprehension of man or God. It was time before the universe was born. This abyss was the Yawning Gulf, a mighty void known to the Norse as the Ginnungagap. The Greeks referred to the void as Chaos, and it was filled with creative powers. The chaotic void was not empty, but a bi-polar universe. At one end was Niflheim, the home of fog and ice, a realm of eternal darkness, frozen ether and biting cold. It is the realm of eternal winter wrapped in fog and mist. At the opposite end was Muspellheim, the realm of unspeakable heat, quenchless fire, and overhanging with clouds of black ashes and fiery sparks. In the midst of whose blinding heat and light sat Surtur, guarding the kingdom of fire with his flaming sword and ruling his many sons, destroyers of worlds, was the flaming force that inhabited that region.


"Surtur with his fiery sword,

A creature of eternal flame,

Muspellhem is his ward,

In end of time, the nine worlds’ bane."

(Robert Blumetti)



Robert Hoerbigger wrote that the creation of our universe came about from a great explosion resulting from the union of fire and ice. Science today tells us that the universe was born in a similar explosion known as the Big Bang, caused by opposing forces. Freezing ice and burning fire, from which the universe was formed. Opposite forces pulled and tugged - matter and anti-matter - Light and Darkness, the forces of opposites created all life. This elemental truth is the will of the All-Father.

In the center of Niflheim was the Hvergelmir, the Roaring Cauldron, that surged and boiled up the fount of all waters. Twelve great rivers flowed from the Roaring Cauldron, collectively known as the Elivagar, though only eleven are named: Svoel the cool, Gunnthra the defiant, hurrying Fjorn and bubbling Fimbulthul, fearsome Slid and storming Hrid, Sylg the devouring, Ylgr the she-wolf, broad Vid and Leipt which streaked like lightning, and freezing Gjoll and the unnamed river that flows near to the gate bars of Hel.

The Roaring Cauldron was a mighty geyser of tumescent, tumultuous waters. It resembles the ancient Greek stream of Okeanous, which is referred to as the origin of the Gods. It is also referred to as the proto-sea that surrounds the world, or nine-worlds of the World-Tree, just as Okeanous is also a proto-universal sea. From the earliest time, the Greeks tell us that the waters of life flowed from Okeanous to all corners of the universe and flowed back again in a vast circle of life. The waters are the forces of life, the life-force of the universe and whether its called Okeanous or Hvergelmir, the Roaring Cauldron is the essence of the Life-Force of the universe.

The icy waters welled up from the Roaring Cauldron, flowing out through the Cosmos, from time immemorial, yeasting through it life and death and hardening into ice. It froze and formed the eternal glaciers that continued to grow and expand, hanging suspended. Rising from the clock of ice was a poisonous scum, frozen into rime. This congealed fog grew and spread over everything in Niflheim. When it mixed with the heat and flames of Muspellheim, in the yawning, a bottomless abyss that existed between the realm of ice and the realm of fire, a great combustion was caused.

Black and fathomless, the rivers of yeasting ice and burning fires poured with soundless fury. In the eternal depths of its darkness they congealed, and hung in great masses from the edges of the abyss. Heaving and crushing ice exploded as it mixed with the flames from the furnaces of Muspellheim. Over the awful chasm and its silent cataracts icy fogs gathered and bitter winds swept. Against the whirling snows and shifting fogs out of Niflheim the leaping flames and floating fires of Muspellheim fling broad beams of light far into the sunless abyss, and sending a wide glow through the drifting snows. Glittering sparks shot into the silent space above and floated far toward the north like stars that had wandered from their course. As the icy mists met the burning heat in the upper air, it hung motionlessly for a brief moment and then fell drop by drop into the abyss, and there, out of heat and cold, fire and fog, in darkness and solitude, the fire life was formed. This great combustion of fire and ice caused life to form, and come into being.



As the forces of the two extremes of the Ginnungagap joined in the center, the icy streams of frothing, yeasty venom out of Niflheim mixed with the burning sparks of fire that flew out of Muspellheim. As the extremes of the opposing forces joined and changed into a harmonious condition of rime or hoarfrost, it quickened the yeast, filling the central space with layer upon layer of the life-giving forces until it finally took form. This continuous action was the will of the unseen and the uncreated All-father. It finally gave shape in the form of a gigantic creature known as Ymir (the Roarer) or Orgelmir (seething clay). He was to personify the rime formed from the virile pulsation of the light-energy from the fiery realm, and the dark-energy which contain yeast, salt and venom, which is the elemental essence of life from the realm of ice. Ymir was the first of the rime or frost giants.

Ymir was bisexual, contains the reproductive qualities of both male and female forces of nature. From Ymir were born two races of giants. While sleeping, he engendered from under his left arm a male and female through his perspiration. This race of giants embodied the beneficence of nature, but uncontrolled. The male was named Bolthorn and his daughter was Bestla. From one of his feet was born a six-headed giant, named Bergelmir, who became the father of all the frost or rime giants. These giants were the personification of the uncontrolled destructive forces of the universe.

As Ymir groped through the darkness and gloom, searching for something to eat, he discovered the great bovine, Audhumla (the nourisher). She was formed from the same coagulating forces that formed Ymir. From her four udders flowed four streams of milk and gave nourishment to Ymir. Audhumla, in turn, sought out nourishment and found from the frozen drizzle by licking the salty rime. As she licked the ice with her rough tongue, a form of a being appeared. It was born of the ice and the nourishing process of the licking tongue. This was Buri (the producer), an androgynous being. Buri produced a son, Borr, who took Bestla as a mate. From the joining of Borr (Born), who represented order and Bestla, representing the beneficent forces of nature, was born three sons, Odin, Vili and Ve. This divine triad was entrusted with the mission of giving order to the universe.



Odin, Vili and Ve were the first Holy Triad or Holy Trinity. The children of Bergelmire, the giants, became aware of Buri, his son, Borr. They began waging war against the new race of Gods. War between these two races was inevitable because they represent the opposing forces of order and chaos. This titanic struggle lasted for eons. Neither race was able to gain the upper hand until Borr took Bestla as his wife and produced his three sons, Odin (spirit), Vili (will) and Ve (holy). There is an intricate symmetry to the force of Odin, Vili and Ve. Odin is the inspiration that creates an idea. Vili is the will that transforms an idea into reality. Ve is the sacred that gives individuality to the creation. The three must work together for creation to occur.

The union between Borr and Bestla was between the beneficent natural forces of nature and discipline, thus creating a force that could counter the uncontrolled destructive forces of nature. With their assistance, the Gods were eventually able to defeat the giants. The Holy Triad or Holy Trinity, was able to end the war by slaying the most powerful of the frost giants, the great Ymir. As Ymir’s life was extinguished, his blood poured out of him to flood the Cosmos, producing a great deluge. The entire race of Froze or Rime giants perished in this flood, all except for two giants - Bergelmir and his wife. They survived the blood flood and eventually took up abode in Jotunheim. There they reproduced a new race of giants, who continued to feud with the Gods and sought vengeance for their defeat by them.

The Gods or Aesir (pillars and supporters of the world), set about repairing the destruction that was inflicted upon the Cosmos by their great struggle with the giants. It was their nature to give order where there was only chaos. Borr’s sons decided to give shape and order to the corpse of the father of chaos, Ymir. They butchered his corpse and used its parts to construct the universe out of it.

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